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    What is the origin of the blue and white striped bikinis?

    Thread Starter: Shaidon

    One thing that always got me curious about, is how popular are the horizontal blue and white striped bikinis and underwear in animes. There is any background story behind it?

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    Anri and the Blacksmith's Destiny

    Thread Starter: Javamaster

    Hello everyone! My name is Reluctance *cough* smart *cough* and I have something I'd like to share with you guys. This is my first attempt at writing a story (one that doesn't finish after 2 pages). I will try to release chapters each week, depending on my free time and mood. For now I will...

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    The glorious 3DS and WiiU thread

    Thread Starter: Juas

    Hello there members of HongFire! I've thought we could have a thread to talk about the amazing 3DS; games, applications, news and sharing friend codes! I'm gonna start with sharing my 3DS friend code: 0044-3543-7199 In other news we have to talk about the upcoming release of Bravely...

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    Naugthy grvavure idols

    Thread Starter: Juas

    GrAVure The Japanese entertainment industry has a very powerful tool in everyone of its fronts: women. Indeed we can say that this is not exclusive to Japan but is probably a country where female idols are a phenomenon and it doesn’t matter if they are singers, actresses or just models. In...

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    Anime Identification (ID) thread. (Ask here if you want to identify anime)

    Thread Starter: karakau

    I stumbled acrossed this picture about 2 weeks ago, I've been looking for the title on and off since. I've finally decided to break down and ask someone where it is from, whether it is just from an artbook,manga or an anime. Any information would help! ...

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    HongFire's Japanese idol of the month April 2016

    Thread Starter: Juas

    Hello there fellow members of Hongfire! Here we are again to decide Hongfire's idol of the month and this time we want you to vote your favorite idol from our last month candidates! Minori Inudo (犬童美乃梨) 21 Years old Measurements: 88 - 59 - 84 (cm)

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    persona 5

    Thread Starter: michelous

    info under spoiler http://gematsu.com/2015/02/dengeki-playstation-shares-persona-5-details-full-scans Protagonist - The article kicks off with the headline, “Steal back the future!” The protagonist gains his Persona after a certain incident unfolds and confronts a great darkness enveloping the...

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    One Piece

    Thread Starter: Ethrinil

    Anyone here reading the One piece manga? I just finished reading 385. I can't wait for these fights to get underway Water 7/Enies Lobby is turning out to be one of my favorite arcs yet. Who do you guys think is gonna be the new nakama the pirates get? For me i feel like the choice is gonna be...

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