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    Tis a pleasure and a honor

    Thread Starter: Evirk

    Nice to meet everyone, my names Evirk. I've honestly always wanted to join hongfire for the longest time but never really had the confidence to do so. I have a bad habit of over thinking simple things ya know? Anyway i'll keep this short for now, so take care everyone!

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    Akomni's shit (Added Regina Trans Mod and Regina Armor)

    Thread Starter: akomni

    Playlist: What's new? Click here to quickly get to the new stuff! (Last 5 items added) Christmas Elf Outfitter - NEW! This will also work for the non-outfitter version, however the non-outfitter version will revert to...

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    School of Smut

    Thread Starter: zamp42

    School of Smut Hentai high school envisioned as an open world do whatever you want and build your own story -game. Keep your students happy and well educated. Manage your school's schedules to optimize learning time and develop your students' amazing new facets. Push new exciting and...

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    Whats Your Worst Fear

    Thread Starter: Zetchzie

    Tape worms is my number one fear

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    A wild Member Appears!

    Thread Starter: Fingerdawg

    Hello Everyone, I'm Fingerdawg! I'm just a fun loving guy who loves adventure and partying. I'm a hardcore Hentai fan and just an anime fanboy of high proportions. Aside from that in my life I'm just an average college student trying to get a degree in EE (Electrical Engineering). As for hobbies...

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    Is the dream dead?

    Thread Starter: bakahaseo

    Ever since I saw .hack//sign (and played the ps2 .hack games) I've always wanted not a .hack MMO but The World (preferably modeled after V1 or V2). A fully fleshed out version of The World, probably minus the rouge A.Is but hey I'm not picky.With .hack quickly fading out of the public eye (if...

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    Killing Mercy Within...

    Thread Starter: KillStreak

    As you do not know, I have been hunting anything and anyone that I am contracted to kill or retrieve. I am KillStreak, although I do not reveal my real name, I will assure this: Hire me to take out someone, and it gets done, and if you do not have the money I will kill you myself, understood?

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    Who's your avatar/sig!!!

    Thread Starter: kizna007

    Well I thought that instead of pestering 500 people asking whos the chara in their avatar/signiture I decided to post a thread for them to introduce their chara! Thats if they have time though... :D

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