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    Lisa Hayes

    HongFire Community virtually compared to *any* country

    Thread Starter: Lisa Hayes it would be bigger than Cyprus! plus some other stats you might find fun \p/

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    opinion on figurines

    Thread Starter: hypercross

    hey guys, so recently i have taken an interest on figurines. u know, those figures that mimics a character from anime or other. for example, huge fans of Iron Man would probably buy a Tony Stark figurine or something like that. but the thing is, Tony Stark would look awesome on your room,...

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    Karis Fra Mauro

    Two hundred teeth. Ick.

    Thread Starter: Karis Fra Mauro

    I cannot help but notice in the pictures everyone is smiling delightedly except for the Indian kid who just had more choppers than a shark removed from his jaw.

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    ma17 what evidence do we actually have?

    Thread Starter: Ferrin

    so far, the US has called twitter posts solid evidence and gotten complete tunnel vision on them like they prove anything at all, when we know those can be faked. the only things i have been able to verify so far is. since the conflict started, the commercial air traffic has been taking a route...

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    Karis Fra Mauro

    Mutant ebola. We're all gonna die.

    Thread Starter: Karis Fra Mauro

    I've heard that this version is less rapidly fatal than previous instances, which is actually a bad thing because that allows it to spread more easily. Coming soon to a petting zoo near you! Plus it's unusual for it to happen in west africa rather than central, and in an urban rather than rural...

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    Cumulative Information about B&S

    Thread Starter: Dalam

    English Website: Wiki about B&S: Fan Wiki: Right now, the release date of the game is still up in the air, but that could be changing soon, since Wildstar is coming out by them...

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    Thread Starter: GraveRave

    I found an awesome looking action MMO called Onigiri it will be released 7/1 I think so tommorow I might give it a try i am gona love it!! its battle mechics in the trailor reminds me of rusty hearts so i may definatly enjoy this!

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    Sir Lancelot sama

    Sonicomi/Motto Sonicomi Translation project

    Thread Starter: Sir Lancelot sama

    As a huge Sonico fan, (I have been following the game release since 2011) I was really excited when the anime and the PS3 port came to light thinking this could potentially bring us the translated game at last, however since its launch there hasn't been any news about any translation by anyone,...

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