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    HongFire's Japanese idol of the month June 2015

    Thread Starter: Juas

    Hello there fellow members of Hongfire! Here we are again to decide Hongfire's idol of the month and this time we want you to vote your favorite idol from our June candidates! Yuka Kuramochi ( 倉持由香) 23 Years old Measurements: 83 - 58 - 87 (cm)

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    OppaiTaisho's Glorious Gallery!

    Thread Starter: OppaiTaishō

    This is where I will post all my work from now on, since the Gallery section is kinda neglected. Criticism of all kinds accepted but just dont start bashing for no reason. Feel free to use them, though credit me if necessary. I use Gimp and various other photo editing softwares/websites to...

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    Old New, New Old.

    Thread Starter: betato

    Hi I'm Charlie. But I guess over the internet I have been known as Betato. I've always been a fan of Hongfire. Haven't really posted much compared to the other forums that I've been on. But Hopefully I can go and post stuff in the future! Make Online Friends And Such! I'm a Pinoy...and lol...

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    Countries you would like to visit

    Thread Starter: xxGODLIKExx

    I was kinda surprised when I didn't find such a thread on HongFire. Anyway, what countries would you like to visit the most, whether you would be able to or not? In my case: Japan Italy Spain Egypt And maybe France, United Kingdom, and Turkey too Just as a side note, if you'd like to...

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    AMV Winners of Japan Expo 2015

    Thread Starter: BloodmageR

    The editing skills at this year's competition were amazing. Here's a playlist of every video that participated(note: 1 and 5 were taken down for copyright song claims) Here's the winner, DN@. My personal favorite, the song fits perfectly and the crazy scenes keep your attention the entire way...

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    Help extracting .zip file with Japanese names

    Thread Starter: Xanathos

    Ok, first things first. I'm using Windows 7 64-bit version. So, what I tried. I used the applocale to run a game it worked, but doesn't open. http://postimg.org/image/w1jo6csu9/ Seems that the names get messed up when I tried to decompress, even in the WinRAR browser the file appears...

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    Tuyet Phong

    I don't understand the Republicans

    Thread Starter: Tuyet Phong

    The more I learn about them in history, the more I'm confused. Republicans are mostly conservative and religious. Fair enough. But isn't 'Love' an important virtue of Christianity? The Bible did say "I am love" after all. Then why are the GOP so pro-war? Last time I check, Love and War don't go...

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    free windows 10 upgrade? (advice needed)

    Thread Starter: Ferrin

    so microsoft is doing a limited time offer to upgrade my windows 7 to windows 10. is this a good idea to go with the upgrade or is w10 another left step os? clicked the "reserve copy" option for now, and i can cancel it any time up to instalation. just curious.

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