View Full Version : Interactiove Focused Hentai game suggestions

04-26-2010, 08:36 PM
I've gotten a little bored with the standard hentai and hentai games

The only ones I usually play through more than once are the games which place a high emphasis on interactivity like Ituzura Gokuaku and Rapeplay
But its not just because these are chikan rape types games.....well maybe a little bit
Both games a variety of girls positions techniques tools clothing. They Have a lot of interactivity and were versatile

One of The crimson comics which featured Tifa from FFX was good
but a lot of their games are not much more then pictures with added special effects.
Also they seem to recycle the same voice clips for the majority of their games

I game which is just a series of movie clips depending on your choices is not really a game

If you played the Girl stuck in the window game
with the addition of sound a few changes this would be a great

So i'm looking for some suggestion for interactive titles with reply value
Flash is fine but I seem to like the larger games more variety and interactivity