View Full Version : [VALKYRIA] Nyotai Kyouran 2

11-07-2010, 10:56 PM
I'm not sure how many Body Mod Fetishists there are out there, but holy crap am I looking forward to this title.

The first Nyotai Kyouran was one of the few ADV Hentai Games, that was somewhat of a SLG. It progressed the main character's "development" based on the decisions you made throughout the game. It had tons of endings, and a lot of CG for a lightweight game (came in at about 300MB). It had some of the most extreme things you can expect from the Body Mod Genre. The extreme artwork in the original title rivals that of AIL-Softs' works, if not surpasses it.

Right now Valkyria's main website doesn't have much else other than that it is "In Development" but this is a title I will be watching closely for sure.

http://www.ordin-soft.com/new.html (About halfway down the page).

I will update this thread as more information comes out.