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05-22-2006, 02:53 AM
simple tell a ghost story you heard or perhaps something you experienced.
im making this cause im freaking bored.... and i have nothing better to do at this time.

Well my high school i went to is supposedly haunted for one reason.
It used to be a hospital during WW2 and supposedly one of the buildings was used as a morgue... seriously you dont want to be there at night...

Well stupidly enough some ppl decided to acutally stay there at night ~_~idiots and they were lucky enough to see freakeh things like desks... floating etc.... dammit i cant remember much details but if i can recall you'd hear kids playing in the halls and yet there would be no one there.

supposedly there was a student that fell down the stairs and died and if you stayed in the building at night you'd meet him ... or fall down the stairs too._.
cant say much on that cept for the fact that i did fall down... or rather it felt like i was pushed... while no one was around ~_~ thus causing me to sprain my ankle on the way down i was lucky i guess....

btw theres reports on the university that my high school shares campuses with
http://www.carpenoctem.tv/haunt/hi/ go to oahu and look for chaminade university >_> damn i actually went to those halls too @___@

sooo yeah on to the next story (if you have one)