View Full Version : Saving Files

07-07-2006, 05:21 AM
Since my question wasn't answered back then, I'll try here. Okay here it is :

How do you save a file in games like Discipline and Fate/Stay Night?

In Discipline, I saved while playing the game (the system thing located near the speech box while playing). After two days the files were gone. Is this some kind of temporary save? If that's the case where should I really save?

In Fate/Stay Night I don't remember seeing a menu screen or something like that when you start. Can you only save in one point of the game? I haven't played the game that much because I fear that my efforts will be wasted if I don't even know how to save it.

Again, sorry for the noobish questions. I just started playing these games and I don't know things bout them.

Problem solved for Discipline. It's just Fate/Stay Night now.