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  1. ♥YuriMate Manga♥ (HaremMate Studio works)

    Hi everyone! I've decided to blog some links to my YuriMate manga chapters for easy access. I've realised the thread got a bit cluttered, so you can check the latests versions of my stuff here! I expect to update/remaster some chapters in the future, especially chapter 2, which to be fair was a speed test (literally under a day), and also hope to add some as time goes by

    Even though HaremMate itself is quite a lackluster "game" (it's mostly a sex sim tbh) the Studio poser ...

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  2. I now have holes in my jaw!

    I had my upper wisdom teeth pulled. One of them had a cavity and woke me up one night with severe pain which prompted a trip to the dentist. After reading up on wisdom teeth extraction, I am now paranoid about the frequent post-op complication, dry socket. Hopefully, nothing happens but I always worry...

    I'd post a picture of my extracted teeth buy it's bloody and ucky, not the best thing to post online. I think I screwed up by posting it on my personal Facebook; I ...
  3. Writing

    English language is today the most important one for business and information overall, also for fun like we do here where no matter where you are from we can all understand each other in English.

    That's why for both personal and professional reasons I decided to test myself in the Cambridge English: First certificate about a month ago and a few days ago I got my results. Obviously I decided to try an easier level because I didn't have too much time to get ready and because (I'm not ...

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  4. Fools Overview

    Fool Latex: The ultimate tight-material fetish experience [NEW UPDATE] (162.1MB)
    Fool Hair: 38 new hairstyles [NEW UPDATE] (69.0MB)
    Fool Maps: 16 additional maps & some furniture (72.2MB)
    Fool XXX: New xxx-themed map and items (55.0MB)
    Fools HET: All the stuff from HappyEndTrigger (37.9MB)
    Fool Armory: Weapons & war machines (63.6MB)
    Fool Fantasy: Fantasy themed stuff; costumes, hair, ornaments, items, etc. (304.9MB)
    Fool City: ...

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  5. offline activity

    Connection down again. Right after translating the last graphic, I noticed it. I could start working on the text without the convenience of Google translate, but that would just give me more cause to procrastinate on it. Zkanji is excellent dictionary software, but it can't give me chunks of context to process at once.

    So I'm relearning IDA and Cheat Engine from a couple guides I had downloaded. I'm learning a lot more from the IDA pro book than I ever learned in school. I thought ...

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