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  1. My Birthday Gift to You


    Yep, today is my bday for those that didn't know. And I've decided to release something special from my childhood on this day. I've just compiled a portable version of Starcraft Brood War, a special gift to you all for today!
    The download is available over at DGEmu, and it's open to all users, even unregistered people!

    This is my gift to you.

    Grab the release here: ...
  2. I'm back!

    For those of you who know it's me again! I have had very little internet for a long while (Which seemed like an eternity) but I hope to become more active on these forums again. I've had a lot of new changes develop, I moved to Phoenix Arizona and I'll have internet for the time being. There was a lot of drama I had to deal with and I hope it's in the past now. I am really glad some of you haven't forgotten about me entirely! Most times I hop on here I usually play League of Legends the majority ...
  3. New York vs Tokyo (Updated)

    Note to readers: I'm not impartial and this is all based on my own experiences and point of view as a tourist. I thought to make this more like a USA vs Japan, but I would be wrong generalizing facts (even when I'm gonna be wrong either way doing this). I apologize for the things that may not be completely true and just personal stuff.

    Last week I was in New York for first time in my life and, for some reason, as if it were some sort of competition I started to compare my feelings and ...

    Updated 04-19-2014 at 09:37 AM by Juas


    It's over and I'm already at home. It's been a great trip but, sadly, not as good as I expected. Boston has been great, with all the history behind and details everywhere. Washington it's the city of monuments and museums and the cool thing is that everything is condensed in one huge avenue. New York is... New York, something so familiar that it's only impressive for its distances and height.

    Back in Boston (and once at home too) after traveling I was asked by different people how was ...

    Updated 04-14-2014 at 04:26 AM by Juas

  5. So this is what happens when you add Doraemon, Akira and the Japan 2020 Olympics...

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