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  1. A Foward Greeting to All



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  2. Story-writing excercise

    by , 12-18-2014 at 04:12 AM (Haika's Odd corner of aimless Blasphemy & Appeal.)
    From the fiery depths of the earth came forth a hand, soaked in red hot magma. It's iron grip being firmly planted onto the melting ground.

    This is not the end...

    Forth came second hand, placed beside the first one.

    I refuse..!

    Slowly, a mountain crawled up, pulling itself upward.

    I won't let it end here...

    Lights sprung from the growing mountain of molten rock & stone.
    Peering into the evergrowing darkness surrounding ...
  3. My entire (so far) collection of pics I posted on Hongfire. Will update as necessary

    Greetings! Some of you may have read the articles on my blog about photo taking tips for Illusion games and posers and seen some of the pictures I posted as examples. This blog is to put all of my work into a single page so it becomes easy to access. This idea was actually brought to us by a fellow photo shooter DerKommisar from the PPD thread. I've made many image sets over the years so this might be a long post to go through all at once but I hope you'll get something out of it. I'm not a fancy ...

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  4. Winter Anime Season 2015

    The Winter Anime Season 2015 appears to be short compared to other years, it is still unknown if the industry as a whole is shrinking, or it is simply just another season. Certainly, the past season was big and had a lot to show, maybe too much.

    Maybe it is me or good ideas are scarce these days, but once again, coming back from the past, an anime with known characters tries to steal the attention as the new season begins. Soukyuu no Fafner: Dead Aggressor – Exodus is set two ...
  5. A collection of my Premium Studio Pro galleries.

    Well, I've made quite a few comics and image sets, and I'd like to collect them in one place for anybody interested to easily access, whether it's a regular visitor to the PPD Character & Gameplay Discussion thread who wants to see my old stuff or somebody who'd ignore that thread but does notice the blog updates on the side bar and has an interest in 3D porn. Call it self-promotion, but people seem to have enjoyed my stuff so hopefully this blog entry has some value to somebody
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