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  1. PlayClub Modding Tutorial 1: Adding new items

    Tutorial: How to add new Bras, Socks, and clothing items:

    Ok, this is going to be a short tutorial on how to add new stuff (Bras, Panties, and Socks...) to Playclub.

    Download the template:
    >> Download From HongFire!

    say goodbye to the old and familiar .lst files and welcome to directory scanning! in Playclub, new items are actually read by unity3d engine though scanning the directory for the .unity3d files. within each ...

    Updated Today at 04:56 PM by bdpq

  2. Creating a 2D hentai game engine Part 3

    And... The amount of classes in my project suddenly increased...


    This time i actually worked XD, but that's ok because now the engine is able to read instructions from a text file. The instructions it can read are the same i said before plus 2:

    Wait time: this wait the specified amount of time before proceed with the next instruction.

    Wait key: This will wait until you press ...

    Updated Today at 03:10 AM by greenrho

    Hentai , Games
  3. Creating a 2D Hentai Game Engine Part 2

    This engine will be made in 2 parts, the tools and the interpreter, the tools will create the instructions and the interpreter will execute them.

    For the interpreter i planned do it in c++, that way the game will run faster and smoothly and the tools will be made in java, for do it quickly and easy. Although just for the sake of simplicity i will do both of them in java first.

    I'm starting with the interpreter and did a little "engine", it will serve me as ...

    Updated 04-29-2015 at 04:27 PM by greenrho

    Hentai , Games
  4. [東方 vocal] FELT | Plan Doll | fanmade live action Music Video

    Hey all!

    It's been litterally ages since I ever came back here! Feels good to be back. :3

    Anyways, today, I'm here to help out one of my fellow Canadians spread his love for Touhou to the people around the world.

    A Canadian production. This fanmade music video is an attempt to bring the Touhou fanart into the seventh art. It is produced by a team of independent filmmakers in respect to the works made by its original and derivative artists. As dedicated
  5. Creating a 2D Hentai Game Engine

    I'm bored so i'll make a 2D hentai game engine and will write in here my progress. Why a 2D engine?, well besides the fact that i don't know 3D at the moment, the 3D hentai games are improving with the time but the 2D hentai game don't, nowadays there are just 2 types of 2D hentai games, VNs and RPG Maker games, i'm not so interested in the first type but i like the second and the graphics of RPG Maker games are too simple and it doesn't look like they will improve sooner, so i'll make a 2D hentai ...

    Updated 04-29-2015 at 06:09 AM by greenrho

    Hentai , Games
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