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  1. Crowdfunding visual novel localization: The perspective of an eroge enthusiast

    Crowdfunding visual novel localization: The perspective of an eroge enthusiast

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    Kickstarter is growing in popularity as a sandbox for jittery Japanese VN developers. Are English consumers getting the short end of the stick?

    Crowdfunding is the latest fad in visual novel localization, first popularized by Sekai Project and now catching on as players like âge join the fray. Notable crowdfunded localization projects (all by Sekai
  2. [3DCG] 3D Custom Girl H-Scene H-Motion Mods

    Quote Originally Posted by 2dguy View Post
    READ FIRST!! This Thread is ONLY for the Mods under the Motion Category in other words the mods that add more H-Scene H-Motion And mods that add more sex positions

    Here is my H-scene H-motion and more sex position Mod Collection! only MF download for now

    PS some NJXA stuff may have snuck it's way in

    ( I need someone to upload these to there MEGA Account till
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  3. Just browsin the internet when this happened.

  4. CLUB CASTING SERIES - A PlayClub Ero-Manga (UPDATED 31/7)

    Hello everyone!
    I present to you my latest ongoing work, Club Casting Series.
    I started publishing these in the PlayClub Studio Picture Works Thread and after a couple of chapters I've decided it's time to give them their own space.
    Content Warning: This is an erotic manga. Very NSFW. The story starts sweet and slow, but expect a rough

    Updated 07-30-2015 at 06:13 PM by gilgasho

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  5. IdolClub Screenshots (PlayClub Screenshots 2) [NSFW]

    I wish there was a clothed version of this costume. It's very good.


    Updated 07-18-2015 at 09:48 PM by NC200X

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