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Neko Kagome

  1. So...What Happen?

    So...apparently after i was told by my brother that HF got rid of the download section my reaction was "Wait what?" Indeed...My face went to this (=3= )/ <--woke up to this after he told me ( O-O) "Eh?"

    Why did they remove the Download section? It was my favorite place on HF to do! D: I download freaken songs that are hard to find anywhere on the net (Including Sound Horizon Sound Tracks) And some Games and Comics... :| there better be a reason why HF removed ...
  2. Osu?

    : | Yeah I play it, so what?

    If you also play it, go ahead and add me, its Aoriki.
    My lvl sucks alright? I do not waste my time playing that game...(Ok, maybe I do) THE GAME JUST FUN, ALRIGHT!? D: All that massive clicking...following the beat of the music and spinning...Ooooo sooooo.....fuuuun! + _ +
    That is all...
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  3. Wait What?

    My little Pony took over my favorite beat game....why?! That is all.

    (Beat game, OSU!)
  4. Oh look...A Blog

    : |

    I finally get around on making a blog after how long its been around on HF? I have no idea...I didn't even know there was a blog system here! If I would of known that then I wouldn't have made a Tumblr one, wouldn't I? Huuur...

    Anyways, most of you know me as Neko Kagome (OH GOD! WHAT WAS WRONG WITH ME BACK THEN WHEN I MADE THIS NAME! ) Or June86's sister (if you haven't knew about that then...You know now?) : | yeah.

    So, I'll be going on ...