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Lux's Book of Random stuff!

Anyone got a list of random stuff?

  1. hello doodz

    sooo... what did I miss?
  2. and now Lux Presents: The saga of the hacked steam account!

    well I had a fun month...


    So Part one:

    I went home from work one day to see that my Steam account wanting autherisation... which I thought was weird, I put in my password and it didn't like it... So I checked my email and my steam account's email had been changed... also that email was in the junk/deleted items bin... OK, so I locked the account and got onto support... 5 days later got it back, YAY!

    Chapter 2:

    Came home again ...
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  3. Note to self, MUST BE MORE ACTIVE HERE!

    I blame this Game:

    I've been trying to hit level 90 Before Nov 13... I'm Lvl 88! WOOOT!
  4. All of you need to see this:

  5. God Damnit Nappa!

    Well Today is FUN! I got a new Tablet... that doesn't work... apparently the only hard drive it recognizes is it's own little storage one...

    Well fuck! So I have to return it... Now I am in a fowl mood!

    BUT it made me think:

    Do we realy need tablets? Like the I pad and stuff? I mean smart phones are great at you tube videos and the like, and you can use your contract's internet and their screen size is gradually increasing to a good amount, Hell the PSVita's ...
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