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  1. i discovered a new way for formerly readable webcomics to die...

    when the author decides to replace all the comedy and readable story with the namby pamby issue of the moment, and pandering to crazy tumblr sjws.

    then having them trying to excuse it with transparent passive aggressive blog posts that frame any disagreement.

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  2. dreamkeepers comic review

    found this review of a comic i read years ago.
    even if it is ongoing

    if you like web-comics with great laughs, in a myth/magic setting, with great art and doesnt devolve into boob parade, you very well may like this.
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  3. Captain Supermarket

  4. Spanish Wolf

    just a little amv i stumbled upon.
    its catchy.
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  5. G-police - psygnosis 1997

    this was one of those games that represented a paradigm shift in gaming with elements that still exceed modern games, that hud & map would be a significant upgrade to planetside 2 or teh battlefield franchise for example, as much as the ai was tarded, it would likely still beat ai in a supposedly modern mmorpg.

    the clotrols and handling of the craft where responsive and smooth, something that paid off against ...
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