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  1. BRAVO!

    Right now (less than 1 hour ago) I've ended Xenoblade Chronicles (Wii) and I still have this feeling of having played one of the best and most epic games in my whole life. When the credits appeared I just have started clapping of joy.

    Some months ago I wrote how I missed old RPGs in this generation so I expected a lot from this game, but never this much. I wanted to make a review but I would need 4 or 5 pages talking about how f*cking awesome is Xenoblade on everything... just to mention ...

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  2. Useless characters

    All the RPG games I've ever played share something; there's always one character I never like and never use. Well, sometimes there's a moment of the game where you have to fight with that character (like at the beginning of FFXIII) but I'm talking about choosing your battlers for fight when your party is complete.

    Sometimes I don't use them cause there are others better and I can't use all of them, that's normal and that's not exactly what I mean. Most of the times the reason is that ...
  3. Super 8

    Could you think a moment about the movies of your childhood? No matter how old are you, you’re going to remember the good ones and probably smiling. When you are a kid you watch movies from another point of view, you don’t care about scene details, the rhythm of the storyline or the truly sense of what’s happening. At least that’s what I think that happened when I was young and watched movies like ‘The Goonies’, ‘E.T’, ’The Gremlins’, etc.

  4. Frustration

    Yesterday I started a new game for Nintendo DS, it's called "ノーラと刻の工房 霧の森の魔女" (Nora to toki no koubou, kiri no mori no majou"... yeah, it's a long name). As you may think the game is in Japanese, but as many other times before I supposed it won't be a problem... but I was wrong.

    During some years I've played a lot of Japanese games (in Japanese) in my NDS. Sometimes cause I could never play them in my language, such the amazing "押忍!闘え!応援団 ...
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  5. FPS, FPS everywhere

    During the next E3 (next week) we are going to take a look to the games of the important companies for this year. So it's normal that during this weeks to read about the available games in the exposition, and as always I took a look.

    My surprise was that the most exciting games for the media where mostly FPS. I read 5 pages of just FPS... and I'm tired of them. The last one I played was Crysis 2 cause it was the 'OMG' game then and it's not that great, graphics are cool but... nothing ...
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