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  1. Interesting reaction

    Something curious happened to me yesterday night. I was in a birthday party of a Japanese friend and we were talking a bit about Japanese things, traditions, hobbies, artists... well, a friend said "Maria Ozawa, that's the Japanese girl I like!" and I said "Not me, I love Aya Hirano" then he told me if I knew the last news about her. Cause I didn't, he told me... and I felt really bad.

    It's strange how I worried that much about someone (in this case Aya Hirano) I ...
  2. Resonance of fate (End of Eternity)

    Like I did a couple of times before, I’m going to review another RPG game for XBOX 360 and PS3. This time, the game is “Resonance of Fate” or “End of Eternity” in the Japanese version. Anyway, it’s an RPG to mention, so here I go


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  3. End of Eternity (Isaac Asimov)

    Originally from 1955 this is another of the futuristic novels by Isaac Asimov. Probably you all know him for being the author of robot related novels, but this is a completely different story.

    In a very distance future, mankind discovered time travel and created a secret society called 'The Eternity' to change the history of the world for human benefit. This is for example, in the 1400th Century (yes, 1400th century, in this book you find very exaggerated dates) there's a war, then ...
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  4. 時をかける少女 -- The girl who leapt through time

    Click image for larger version. 

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    During the last 40 years we can find lots of works under this name, manga, anime, movies, remakes... they are all adaption of the original novel from 1965. I already mentioned the animation movie (2006) in a previous post, but I recently watched it again and it deserves a post for itself.

    In this movie there aren't giant robots, neither space battles or amazing wars in a future earth. But it's brilliant. The main character is a normal girl ...
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  5. Bayonetta

    It's very simple; mix the hottest witch in the game history, deadly combos, action fights and some humor sense and would get Bayonetta. What more can I say?

    (I made a better presentation as the last ones but looks like I can't edit the images I upload to show them as 100% of the size, sorry)

    Witches & Sages

    You know, this game is not exactly the best example of story everywhere, but good enough to keep interesting. You are Bayonetta, a sexy ...
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