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  1. ハルヒ、似合ってるぞ

    Only 2 years. That's the time I needed to read "ハルヒ涼宮の憂鬱" (The melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya) in Japanese. You may think is a very long time, and indeed it is, but I only read it during brief moments per week and not every week. I've been reading it only during free time at work and it's been very very difficult to read. At the beginning I used to copy the words I didn't understand and search them later at home and that was annoying since I couldn't understand the whole ...
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  2. Radiant Historia (NDS)

    Brilliant game, that could be the review but I'm gonna explain why this is one of the best games I've played recently.

    I remember trying this game long time ago in Japanese but it was much more complicated to understand than I thought so I waited to be translated and now I'm playing it in English. The thing is that I'm always searching for RPG mostly and I tried Saga 2 and Radiant Historia. The first was a bit boring and RH was very interesting (the few I could understand back then). ...
  3. Music

    Old songs, old memories. In the last days I've found a couple of mp3 discs I made some years ago and I decided to listen to them again due to the titles. One was "Metallica-Rammstein-Limp Bizkit & others" and the other was "I'm a freak".

    The first one it's pretty obvious what is about but it's been too long since I haven't listened to any of those groups. Thanks to that I've remembered great songs like Boiler, Klavier, Zerstören, the amazing S&M and others ...
  4. I feel nothing

    Nothing at all, like a robot. During the last 3 weeks I've worked a lot, and pressure and stress made me only focus on my work. It's difficult to think in something else when it takes most part of your time like in my case from Monday to Saturday and from 9 AM to 20 PM. When I arrived home and watched some news I could only think "If they don't talk about how solving my current work problems, I don't have time to care". And that's what I did.

    In the past 3 weeks I've been ...
  5. Japanese vs English

    Months ago I finished Professor Layton and the unbound future (it's awesome, you may already know that) and I listened to the ending theme. As always it was pretty so I searched for that song since it's not included in the original soundtrack. Then, there came the surprise when I found out that it was the instrumental version of 時間旅行 (Jikan Ryokou), a song by a Japanese singer for the game. While in the Japanese version it keeps the singed song, in the European (and I guess the US version ...

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