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  1. Books in my Smart Phones? No Way!

    Yes Way!

    So, i've been dabbling with ePubs lately, purely for personal reasons, because it is quite a hassle following up your favorite light novels when your place has no internet access.

    So, get that translation done and shove it in an eBook format! Put it in your phone and you got a personal library in your hands!

    I'll be releasing them in the newly created Online Resource Section, so if you've got requests for ePub conversions, hit me!
  2. Back Online

    for the past few days/weeks/months, i've been avoiding hf since my connection was pretty abysmal.

    But now that things have finally been put back into place, my internet connection finally got restored (a 5mbps line, no data cap).

    so hello again, hongfirians!
  3. The AMV I Fell In Love With (Visiting the Past~)

    I remember back then when i was exposed to a more familiar AMV, full of JPOP songs.
    It was plentiful back then, and a lot more diverse.

    But this was the definitive AMV for me, that i fell in love with.

    Credits goes to otacon13

    It was one of the most compelling AMV i have seen since.
    I didn't know back then what Hoshi No ...
  4. The Case of the Commander's Missing Signature (solved!)

    A while back ago, i created a blog post about my missing signature in the earlier days.

    guess what?




    History of this signature!

    See, this particular signature has a bit of sentimental value for me.
    Back then, the forums was popular with
  5. The Travails of an Administrator (searching for someone who was banned before)

    Sometimes, i have to admit, that the responsibilities of being part of the staff in the site, hits you in the face, reminding you of what you have become, because of what you did before.

    I just had a heads up from TSR, reminding me of an old account by the name of Investment Banker.
    Now, this account rings some bells, but i have no concrete proof of who that was before.

    I asked Ferrin (thanks for the reference!), and he led me to an old series of posts in the ...
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