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  1. That's how you say it

    I'm often amused by people's inability to pronounce "enkephalin".

    You know how to say "endorphin", right?

    Well, without going into more detail, an enkephalin is an endorphin.
  2. The game, I've developed for our School exhibition.

    I wouldn't call this a game developed only by us, but rather a game with resources made by other uses integrated by us with some developed by us too.

    I do not own the





    (Though I did select all the music by myself and the character portraits are all done by me and my friend/co-developer, I have also edited some of the characters)

    As I am not planning on ...
  3. a Liter of Hell

    When I was a kid, I was friends with a kid male model with a typical kid male model father. I was a kid male model too, not because I was supposed to have a career in it, but my mother believed I would learn from it. And she was right; a lot of what I learned about posture and stance could be applied to theater, martial arts and 3D animation. The modelling school didn't appreciate what I took away from the lessons, but fuck them. I could always talk to other kids who only put up with the shit they ...
  4. "invoking" "methods"

    Whoever thought this terminology was necessary probably had to communicate with mathematicians who hadn't quite caught up to the computing that would become required for their field. I think by now everyone understands that a computing algorithm is, if not logically equivalent then virtually equivalent, to a mathematical algorithm.

    These terms don't improve understanding for anyone else. Both 'invoke' and 'method' are loaded with connotations that have no business in the language ...
  5. Sex on the Beach...Ermm...Resort: SBPR Related Content Found Hither!

    by , 10-27-2015 at 05:31 AM (My Creation...Is it Real?! - My Ladies and Other Assorted Visuals)

    Have you ever found yourself on the beach, wondering to yourself, "Damn, now where can a guy get some sex around here?"
    Well, you're out of luck. However, I've got something else that won't solve that problem in the least! But hey, it's kind of a remedy, right? Right.
    That's right, look no further, for here lies my private stash of Sexy Beach Premium Resort women! Huzzah!

    In my private laboratory

    Updated 02-08-2016 at 12:50 AM by tmvaegis

    Hentai , Games
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