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  1. [ILLUSION] Play Club (プレイクラブ) - Discussion and FAQ

    Quote Originally Posted by spamalotty View Post
    Gentlemen. We have DoF.

    Prepare your computers for some hardcore banging.

    Like seriously. This will be your GPU/CPU.

    But hey, welcome to heaven if you can take it. I think we hit peak real.


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  2. My HaremMate Characters

    It's rather late, but I decided to start sharing my character cards for HaremMate.
    I'm sharing the following 3 for now, but I plain to upload the rest later.

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  3. My PlayClub Characters

    Seeing how I've made a good number of girls for PlayClub so far, I decided to gather all their cards in the same place.
    The only difference with the ones I posted in the Character Upload thread is that I customized the cards (the default ones don't really suit my taste and are rather bland).

    Some might require mods, but most of them uses the Vanilla/DLC content, at least for now.

    Update 07/08/2015: Added cards for Solange and Momiji.


    Updated 07-08-2015 at 12:29 AM by MelSorana

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  4. The Ultimate Lolicon Simulator has Arrived

    Park Toucher Fantasy - MAKO ver. (DLsite Eng, NSFW)

    Sakuranbo Elementary School presents:
    A molesting ADV that's a lolicon's dream come true!

    Tease a little girl in the park to your heart's content.

    This product has:
    ANIMATED movie scenes
    FULLY VOICED little girl
    TOUCHING game interactions

    About the game:
    Touching takes priority; we made every
  5. Bad day due to my stupidity.

    I am an idiot!
    I managed to get scamed, where was my brain at that time!
    Well Steam account was compromised for a while and I have a nasty malware that could be a keylogger in my Laptop.
    My.steam inventory is porbably empty now..[a bit sad but not that affected]
    At leasty credit card was.not.compromised or my email...for now...welp, time 2nd factory reset this month.
    I have trust.issues concerning links now.
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