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  1. Spring Anime Season 2014

    The year began strong and we are still working around to make the new blog our home for the upcoming future, we struggled a little bit, but we are improving a little bit every day.

    Now, the cold is almost gone and the sunshine is on the top, which means The Spring Anime Season 2014 is already ahead the corner.

    The Spring season usually has a lot of energy, and it seems 2014 has plenty of it, in Sidonia no Kishi, it’s been a thousand years since the Gauna, a strange ...

    Updated 03-15-2014 at 12:05 PM by ware4me

  2. TRAX Fall 2013

    In your life, you can expect as much as a little surprise every single day, sometimes we are able to handle those changes, and sometimes we have to work a bit more to find ourselves once again in 'the zone'.

    Seiyuu came strong this season and performed several OP & ED themes for the main anime series. The special begins with a song performed by Kaori Sadohara and Saeko Zougou, both voice actors in the NouCome anime.

    A little later, we listen to Natsuko Asou, a seiyuu ...
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  3. [Review] Venusblood -GAIA- SLG (Full Clear after 154 hours)

    Dualtail's latest Venus Blood Series:‎

    It may not be considered as one of the best SLG's in terms of the game system and gameplay within the gaming world, but it is definitely one of the best within the Ero industry gaming world.

    Venus Blood Series are well known for their Dark H content. Most of the H-scenes do not contain traditional sex where you normally would see in other games. When it comes to abnormal scenes, it is ...

    Updated 03-14-2014 at 02:52 PM by Berries82

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  4. Eushully's Battle Goddess Verita - Part II

    Continuing from here. Contains the last chapter / authentic history route, so the spoiler tag isn't there for fun ;o)


    Another timeskip after the credits. Probably around 25-40 years, at least.

    Post credits and things start of with two completely new characters ...

    ...apparently they're chased by some authorities, but manage to get away - enough time to introduce who they are: Lypfia (the loli one),
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  5. Eushully's Battle Goddess Verita - Part I

    ...also known as Ikusa Megami Verita, 戦女神VERITA, Battle Goddess episode-4, BGV, or whatever fancies your preferences ;)

    That, perhaps, sounds familiar - which could be because I already wrote a blog entry on BG0. Or 戦女神ZERO. Also known as ... err, forget it. In any case: those two games are similar. So similar indeed that I'll simply shamelessly point here for some thoughts on setting, gameplay and such. With some very minor alterations basically all of it also applies to BGV. ...

    Updated 03-09-2014 at 07:20 AM by Pyottl

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