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  1. Post #9 : Watching my entire Anime Collection this year.

    If anyone do read this blog, I am now setting up a time frame to start going though my anime collection right now. I have collect quite of bit of Anime DVD or Blu Ray for a long while now and if you see my blog post #7, it have grown quite a bit now.

    Unfortunately, it didn't help much that I didn't have the chance to watch through them. Now, this year, I am going to change this. For this year, I am going to get through a minimum of 30 anime show/ova/movie to finish watching everything

    Updated 01-09-2015 at 07:16 PM by johnblade

    Anime , Collector
  2. LDF Hacking

    Whew, LDF! binary translated. This would've been a hell of a lot less grueling if I had proper tools to work with. Notepad++ Hex plugin was the only thing I'd dloaded that could display Japanese chars correctly, but searches with it failed, and it crapped itself trying to compare files over 3MB. But people have probably had to use worse, back in the stone age of programming, when they had to manually push the hex bytes across banks of registers the size of stadiums, under the glaring sun, the whips ...
  3. Good evening everyone!

    I'm here talking to you all in this tablet I got for Christmas its some freaky s*** yo!
    The family PC is acting up, been down since august and I don't like using the smart phone.
    And just when I was going to change my avatar and sig lol
    Sums up why i been gone here.

    Updated 01-07-2015 at 04:09 PM by june86

  4. Return

    Hi there HongFire, it's been 4 years...

    Everyone I knew probably moved on with their life already, or died to an overdose (Since the Desu thing is still going on, that's quite likely). I came back because I missed it. I missed you. I missed everything. Unlike the reason everyone's walking around with smartphones nowadays, I genuinely missed this messageboard, it's people and it's business. Then why did I leave for 4 years?

    In hindsight I can say I think I fell into ...
  5. My picture collection in hongfire

    The entry lists my creations on hongfire.

    Digimate/School Mate 2
    I'm a big fan of anime style games, such as School Mate 2.
    First picture
    Second one

    Updated 01-01-2015 at 08:33 PM by Nagekikawa

    Hentai , Games
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