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  1. Creating a 2D Hentai Game Engine

    I'm bored so i'll make a 2D hentai game engine and will write in here my progress. Why a 2D engine?, well besides the fact that i don't know 3D at the moment, the 3D hentai games are improving with the time but the 2D hentai game don't, nowadays there are just 2 types of 2D hentai games, VNs and RPG Maker games, i'm not so interested in the first type but i like the second and the graphics of RPG Maker games are too simple and it doesn't look like they will improve sooner, so i'll make a 2D hentai ...

    Updated 04-29-2015 at 06:09 AM by greenrho

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  2. Joining the Play Club Bandwagon

    I have had much less free time lately due to starting college. Yay.

    So I've made two characters from the new game. With so much customization, it took me hours only to make two. The first one isn't final, but I don't expect her look to change. Only small detail changes. Her name is Sayuri (Something). I have yet to give her a fitting surname.

    As for the second one, she is finalized as far as I can see. I've only just made her as of this post, so there might be some impulse ...
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  3. My first year on Hongfire

    So I just noticed that six days ago today, was my one year anniversary as an active member on Hongfire.
    You may think I've been here longer than that because of my join date, but it was actually made for lurking back then and April 20th 2014 was the day I came out of lurker mode (which took me a surprising amount of forcing myself, since I'm rather shy by nature), for the simple reason I noticed there was a recent H-OVA subbed and no one on HF seemed to know about the group yet. Said post ...

    Updated 04-27-2015 at 02:57 AM by JAHT

  4. Philippines vs The World:Japan Part 1.

  5. [REVIEW] Milihime Taisen

    Well I never expected that they'll made a game that is much like inspire from Strike Witches, Girls un Panzer and KanColle.

    This game is heavily based on Armor Warfare and thus a majority are- girls in Tank-like Mecha Musume. Aside from that there are Infantry, Mechanize Infantry to Artillery to Planes.
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