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  1. Maya 2015 Bifrost

    Just got my hand on Maya 2015 and it comes with this really cool Bifrost liquid simulator. I was going to continue my nCloth experiment but this new feature is too tempting. So let's try simulating a cum shot!

    Dang...after spending my precious Sunday, my computer and I cannot tame this monstrous simulator. It eats too much resource.

    No accomplishment at the end of the sad. Here are some images


  2. A bad month for eroge purchases

    This past month has been a huge irritation as far as buying eroge. Sofmap declined my latest purchase citing they don't take foreign CC nor ship to forwarding addresses which is BS since they had no problems with all of my previous purchases. Compounding the problem is my main CC is rejecting any purchases at Getchu even though my secondary card goes through with no problems. The Sofmap rejection really hurts though since they're a good source of cheap used eroge in excellent condition as well ...
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  3. Hakurei Shrine Maiden: Official Otakuthon 2014 Sub-Event

    Heya all,

    It's been an eternity since I last came to visit DS to post about my works and stuff, but I felt it was time, especially with an anime convention that is going to happen this weekend here in Montreal.

    Otakuthon anime convention is starting on August 22 to 24 2014. This year, we have a lot in store for participants of the con. Asides from the usual panels, market place, and other awesome events related to anime and Japanese culture, we also got a few fine guests ...
  4. Battle of Midway in KanColle!

    Welcome to Midway

    The event just happen a few days ago, and many didn't expected that this event scenario will be beyond hard to both new and veteran admirals. As resources bleed like water leaking in some of container.

    Still many push themselves and their girls in reaching towards Midway.


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  5. i discovered a new way for formerly readable webcomics to die...

    when the author decides to replace all the comedy and readable story with the namby pamby issue of the moment, and pandering to crazy tumblr sjws.

    then having them trying to excuse it with transparent passive aggressive blog posts that frame any disagreement.

    Updated 08-06-2014 at 09:29 PM by Ferrin

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