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  1. Playing some more Summon Night (and blabbering about it)

    Finally got a microSD to MS Pro Duo adapter... Unfortunately, all of these adapters are made with super cheap plastic for the shell; hope it lasts, don't think I could fiddle a decent fitting shell for something that size...
    Anyway, decided to start on one of the other Summon Night games (I'd only played the first one and the GBA spin-offs until yesterday), so I got the PSP re-releases of 3 and 4 and stuck them onto my new 32GB memory stick. Started with 4, just because pale anime hair > ...
  2. Savage Is in Progress

    Sorry for the lack of updates. I took a break from working on the mod, but I'm back at it now and the Savage personality is about 15% done (I've only just started compiling the sounds, most of my time working on it this week was spent going through the CDs.).

    Just an update to let ya'll know I'm still alive.^^
  3. Celestial Six - Chapter 8

    Celestial Six - Chapter 8
  4. New Novel Project

    dandan550 here.

    As for now, my old novel work will be in hiatus for certain reasons.

    In the meantime however, I'm start making a new one to ensure that my writing skill will not be decay.

    Progress was good so far, so I hope there will be people gonna try to read just like before lol
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  5. Divine match!

    Wow, this was exactly what I was thinking of!
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