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  1. The game

    So what is it ?

    Leridia is an hentai rpg focused on the story of Sylia, a young girl living in a small village on the island of Leridia. She wants to become "The Guardian" (see intro pic) and follow the steps of her mother, Anna.

    Basic Content
    - RTPs from RPG Maker MV,
    - A story with events and focus on few but deep characters
    - A quest system, reputation system
    - Some choices may have consequences, different routes
    - Side battles ...

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    I don't think I will move to any new Illusion game soon. I like the SBPR mainly because of customization of both male and female, the Studio and the mods for studio supports which led to comics creation. At the same time I miss AG3. The A.I system was impressive those days and H-system. I can't go back to that game because am extremely attracted to high texture quality of new games. .This blog is nothing much other than posting my mods I will work my mods on for SBPR or any future game which ...

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  3. Savage H Voice (no dialog) Beta is ready to download!

    I'm almost done with the beta version of the Savage H Voice. All I have left is to do the H dialog (the h1 files). That'll take longer to do because I plan on making it as complete as I can and not just skim like I did with Otaku, so I have to listen to the CDs more thoroughly. Since I don't want to keep anyone waiting any longer than they already have been, I decided to release a downloadable version of the Savage H voice with just the moaning, no dialog, to tide people over.

    Here ...
  4. Celestial Six - Chapter 10

    Celestial Six - Chapter 10
  5. The Big O presents: Asagi scenario writing/fanfiction!

    Quote Originally Posted by The Big O View Post
    So a few years ago, I was pining for a new Murakami piece. This was before Kangoku Senkan had come out, and I wanted something more. After viewing the decidedly disappointing bonus scene from the Taimanin Asagi series, I decided to write the scenario that I wanted to see in Asagi. So here it is. (I'm actually a bit embarassed to post it; it's the kind of thing that could potentially change your opinion about a guy, heh)

    Before you read it, I'll warn you: it's pretty lengthy.
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