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  1. Eushully's Battle Goddess Verita - Part I

    ...also known as Ikusa Megami Verita, 戦女神VERITA, Battle Goddess episode-4, BGV, or whatever fancies your preferences ;)

    That, perhaps, sounds familiar - which could be because I already wrote a blog entry on BG0. Or 戦女神ZERO. Also known as ... err, forget it. In any case: those two games are similar. So similar indeed that I'll simply shamelessly point here for some thoughts on setting, gameplay and such. With some very minor alterations basically all of it also applies to BGV. ...

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  2. THANK YOU, YES!!! :D

    I'm not sure if it was on my end, or if the whole Forum went down, but I've been unable to access HongFire for a few days or so now. (I think it was a few days, I lost count).

    The point IS...that I have seriously missed this site, probably more than any ordinary man should (then again, I'm not ordinary, I'm psychotic).

    I would just like to thank the fates for working in my favor this time, and bringing it back up. It's been hell these past few ...
  3. JUSA II

    The other day I told you about a trip I'm planning to USA. Well, this week I finally got the dates for my vacation and those are the first two weeks in April so I didn't waste any time and yesterday I bought my flight tickets and filled a pretty funny form (ESTA) to have permission to enter USA for only 14$... I'm not gonna say how absurd I find this.

    Coming back to the main plan; I'll be in Boston until April 4th (Friday), then will go to Washington till day 6 (Sunday) where I'll visit ...
  4. The Yandere

    Click image for larger version. 

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    See her? That's Yuno Gasai, a Yandere. I'm sure you all know what a Yandere is, but if you don't, I'll tell you: A Yandere is a Character in Anime who is obsessed with the Protagonist, to the point that they may stalk and/or kill others to protect them. For all the trouble they can cause though, I love this arch-type.

    ...Don't look at me like that. Just by reading this blog (or knowing me), you should already know that I'm a complete psychopath. ...
  5. Liru: Year Seven

    It's been another whole year of Liru avatars! To celebrate, I decided to increase the size of my avatars from 180 x 120 to 225 x 150, so if you notice I'm using bigger avatars now, that's why.

    It's also time to look back at my avatars from the past year. Which ones were your favorites? I liked May, June, July, and September the best.

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