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  1. Books in my Smart Phones? No Way!

    Yes Way!

    So, i've been dabbling with ePubs lately, purely for personal reasons, because it is quite a hassle following up your favorite light novels when your place has no internet access.

    So, get that translation done and shove it in an eBook format! Put it in your phone and you got a personal library in your hands!

    I'll be releasing them in the newly created Online Resource Section, so if you've got requests for ePub conversions, hit me!
  2. Korean Internet Speeds=Paradise

    This is from 1 bar hotel Internet.
  3. ChuableSoft reaches out to English VN fans

    Slice-of-life romance eroge developer ChuableSoft is connecting with English VN fans--bridging a long-standing gulf between Japanese eroge developers and the English fanbase.

    ChuableSoft reaches out to English VN fans
  4. (Illusion) Sexy Beach Premium Resort

    Quote Originally Posted by aastaroth View Post
    Using the 3rd morphed face and modified the lips manually.
    The lips are much more beautiful now. So does my freshly made character.
    Even she is considered a beauty by standard, but hey, she still looks different from what I want.


    A comparison between the original face (right) and the morphed face (left):

  5. (Illusion) Sexy Beach Premium Resort

    A version using the new morphed face and re-textured make-up
    I can't tell what it is but something is still lacking...

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