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  1. News: [MH] No Release of Touhou Collection this year + DGEmu Events

    Hiya all!

    Due to circumstances this year, I won't be releasing an epic collection of Touhou games due to time constraints and changes in my life... I will, however, try to re-upload the 2011 collection for all the people that missed out (last year's release on 5 DVDs for Christmas)... I'm slowly trying to acquire the games though, so a release during the course of the year 2013 is most probable.

    On another note related to [MH], You all probably know that Rosenkreuzstilette ...
  2. [Tutorial]How to Use Google for finding Images.

    I am sick and tired of watching people fail at using google.
    Since i havn't been posting for about a year now i thought this little tutorial would be a good start.
    Note this is based off Chrome, if it gets somewhat popular, i can change it.

    First of all we have an image like this.

    notice if you use that picture right there as a wallpaper.

    ur gonna get a pretty damn terrible resolution.
  3. Winter TV Anime Season 2013

    We are about to find out if the End of the World is coming in the next week or so, but before that, I'm sure many of you want to know about the upcoming anime season.

    Of course, if the world is done by December the 21st, you won't mind about this post. But let's face it, before that happens, we have a lot of things to do. We have to meet good aliens and bad aliens, we have to find cure to cancer and aids, and we have to find a way to move our mind and soul into a new body.
  4. Hongfire - 5th Year Anniversary - You are still in my heart

    by , 12-13-2012 at 02:28 AM ((¯`'•.¸»»» ☆ Ňεmµ αňď Ήαŕµķą ☆ «««¸.•'´¯))
    Hongfire - You are still in my heart
    5th December 2007 - 5th December 2012
    ~5th Year Anniversary~

    Um...One more year is over and I am still a Member here. Sometimes I wonder how can I made it that long...When I starting to know and use PC, it were 2006, 6 years and I am staying here for 5 years ( most of the time ), this is longest forum that I come and active. Forums that I was wandering, none of them longer than
  5. Ho ho ho!

    Despite sharing some odd bits about myself, there's still some stuff that I would like to share but won't because it's just too "out there" for you guys and the general public. Which kinda drives me up the wall. Anyone else feels similarly? In other news, I have too much unopened toys. Arg. Need to find time to play with toys, arg.

    I have the same toy as in this video, btw (minus the inflatable Dividing Driver which was a limited time exclusive ...
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