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  1. Retirement from HF?

    I won't be here much often as of late. Much of the threads that had kept me here has pretty much died for a long time now and there's nothing new that has my interest so I think I'll go jump a cliff now. Don't worry, I'll still be alive. Somewhere. Maybe. It's not like I contribute much here anyways.
  2. how you know you fucked up at xcom eu

    its 6 hours after payday and you are 1.2 mil in debt.

    well... thats 20+ hours of play down the bog.
  3. Me and my perverted works [NSFW]

    Since nobody goes to the creative section often and I am not hesitant to make a thread either, I just would like to share my vimeo channel.

    well, only 6 mmd vids so far, none of them totally original or whatnot, but whatever. I just need to make something out of it. Also, 4chan's /e/ recently got into to MMD ecchi bandwagon so I might as well. I will try hard to make SFW contents very soon, though.
  4. azTRAX Summer 2012 Special

    The Summer went fast, and certainly the seasons are changing really fast. At this time of the year everything seems to fade away; still, we have had some good memories behind us. Some of those in terms of what he have seen or listened in the past months.

    And what happened with the Summer Season music? Well, it was full of rhythm and really enjoyable. As usual, rock beats were the favorite, especially for several OP theme songs.

    We start with LiSA, who gained recognition ...
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  5. The Godzilla Threshold

    Godzilla was a metaphor for atomic weapons, but the Godzilla Threshold is the reason we still hang onto them. How bad can things get before unleashing an unthinking, unfeeling wave of destruction becomes acceptable.

    Just having this power isn't an asset, it's a burden.

    ED: Let me go into more detail on the burden this is. We spent millions on maintaining and securing these assets that we never have used and hope never to need to. And we have to secure them, because ...

    Updated 11-15-2014 at 10:56 AM by DokEnkephalin

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