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  1. So I went on my first outing with someone of the opposite gender...

    ... and I found out I'm still scared of woman...

    Some of you know about my legendary single for life status with absolutely NO experience in woman for 22 years. I've never had a date (not even just going out with a chick somewhere), freeze up around woman, mind gets all fucked up, so on so on...

    So last week a classmate asked if I wanted to get some lunch. I was like "sure" and didn't think much about it. Then I realized... oh wait, this is the first time ...
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  2. Web Koihime Musou ENGLISH VERSION Open Beta now gone live!

    Remember the browser MMO I mentioned in a previous blog based on BaseSon's hot-selling eroge Koihime Musou? Well, along with the English licensing of the eroge, the English version of the multiplayer has also arrived!


    No more waiting, sign up and join me nao!!

    The link is: if you can't Google it. Beanfun is basically US name for Gamania (who made the Japanese ...

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  3. [MH Previews] Recent upload Round 1

    I have recently recorded quite a few videos recently for previewing purposes.
    What I will do is that I will post them slowly on here as I go.

    For those that are impatient, you can go visit my channel here:
    Make sure to subscribe if you want to see more stuff.

    Since we can't embed more than 1 video at once, here's a first one in the batch!
  4. Too sexy for my fourm, Too sexy for my forum! #2

    It's just a simple rap this time for someone. We all know this person quite well too I might add so Let's get down to it!

    If you don't want to listen you can skip this post! I can blame it on BloodmageR For ideas That I created in my head. Or for the fact he said and I quote! Many times. I wanna hear a stukasa rap! So? Without further ado! Here it is! I know, I know. No one will get it and a lot will hate me for it? But hate me because I am good and not crazy ok? I'm not that insane! ...
  5. My Joining Date Finally Beckons Me, But...

    ... Out of the blue I'm informed that I'm going to take yet another pre-joining written test to be held between 18-30 days from now in order to keep my job. Scoring 65% or less means my employment is cancelled. Well, 65% is not astronomical, and I should be killing myself if I can't score 65% in a test on C, C++, Java and data structures, but problem is the added mental stress and tension. I wish all these tests were taken at the time of the selection process along with the interview and stuff ...

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