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  1. The Chaotic State of Things

    by , 10-13-2014 at 10:25 AM (Lesderoso's Big Bag of Galaxy Angel Tricks)
    As far as the situation allows, both the Let's Play of the original Project GA game, and the writing for the Indie Game are going at a break neck pace of goddamn slow. Fortunately I seem to have found a way to deal with time issues for the Let's Play, and with my sleeping habits slowly devolving again, find myself with more and more time in the early hours of the morning to ponder character design, and storyline events for the Galaxy Angel Indie Game I'll be trying to get a start on making around ...
  2. Note to self, MUST BE MORE ACTIVE HERE!

    I blame this Game:

    I've been trying to hit level 90 Before Nov 13... I'm Lvl 88! WOOOT!
  3. Realized a thing

    I've not seen anything about GamerGate on HF, positive, neutral, or negative. Probably a good thing, hope I don't spoil the peace; battlefields aren't the greatest place to visit on your downtime.
  4. Funny fact

    Great! I had a nightmare after so long! I don't remember when was the last time I woke up in the middle of the night remembering a nightmare and even thinking about it for a few minutes before sleeping again. Well, of course this isn't cool but today I realized something interesting.

    When I was a kid, scary movies were indeed scary and I was afraid of things and monsters that appeared in those movies. With games happened something similar; the first time I played Resident Evil (the ...
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  5. Making an Animated GIF is fun!

    You can make an Animated GIF from your favorite Anime very easily. This GIF is made from my favorite Yuri Anime, Hanayamata. Making an Animated GIF is very enjoyable! Why don't you try it? No matter what genre, shall we talk about GIFs on my Blog?

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