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  1. Classic books

    Near a month ago I started reading The Count of Monte Cristo, something I wanted to do from many years ago. I'm not going to say that I'm really surprised about what I'm reading because I've watched the French movie a couple of times (even the anime Gankutsuou which is pretty accurate to the original novel) but I'm a bit surprised about the narrative.

    Alexander Dumas in this book has a funny way of telling the story; sometimes he talks directly to the reader in a personal mode, repeats ...

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  2. This is annoying...

    I'm kinda getting tired of having to go out of my way to grab a hard to find toy. In this case, it's the TRU-exclusive Transformers Masterpiece Optimus Prime, priced at $100 or so. It's supposed to be an super awesome toy but can it be $95 more super awesome than the $5 Dark of the Moon Transformers that I'm finding at the local Family Dollar stores? I dunno... orz

    In other news, Transformers decide to get in on the Gangnam action too.

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  3. Video Messages from times prior to HongFire...

    Being a HongFire member for over three years has certainly been a fun and eventful experience. Unfortunately this last year has proven to be my least active within the site. And though I've now returned with intentions of once again being an active contributor, this time away from the site has caused me to think about who I was before I joined.

    As I searched for old videos messages from the days of my youth, I came across a collection of videos that seemed to sum up who I was, and ...

    by , 10-19-2012 at 08:01 PM (CASEY-SAMA'S LIL DEN OF SIN.......desu)
    Sooooo the hairball sent me a creepy pic of himself and asked me NOT to share it with anyone.......

    dream on you aquaman wannabe



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  5. [MH Previews] Nier (PS3)

    Ok, I'm going to try to speed up the pace to put videos here... Hopefully...

    So here we go, enjoy a whole bunch of insulting at the beginning.
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