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  1. Yeeee

    I've reached 1900 in the book. I stuck with my new strategy and I thought it worked out pretty well... It seems considerably more efficient at this point. As for how well I remember it later, we'll see... First I went over each new one in the book and created a sentence, then I reviewed.

    Round 1: 35/100
    Round 2: 37/65
    Round 3: 14/28
    Round 4: 10/14
    Round 5: 4/4

  2. Street Fighter X Megaman

    For those that haven't had the chance to taste the game released for free on PC, I've created my own download mirrors here:

    Game on!

  3. Can't count weeks anymore

    It's been 3 months since my last post and yes, 3 months since I worked on this. I started working on it yesterday and I was like "Gosh, this is so energy-intensive". Do you know how hard it is to make up stories for this shit? I tires me out so much. My eyes get red and I start looking tired just from the constant exertion. On top of that, I was stuck in an abyss of forgotten stories for the 1500-1800 range which I was now attempting to review and making headway just seemed so slow and ...
  4. Happy Holidays!

    Taking a 2 minute of my time to wish all the members of Hongfire a happy holidays, best wishes to you, your family, and friends.
    Hopefully you guys and girls are enjoying the time spent together with the people, the gifts received, and the special sweets offered during this holiday!


    Note: Sorry, too used to sign that name because of DGEmu... I meant to say: [MH]Megaman_X
  5. 16.5

    I've been noticing a new trend recently, and it's called


    At first, i did not understand at all what 16.5 meant.
    I know it is associated with something, but i don't know what it is.

    Well, finally nailed it.
    In time for the season finale of Sword Art Online,
    I present to you, the origin of 16.5.

    Here's the link for it: ...
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