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  1. News: [MH] Rosenkreuzstilette - Spiritia und Freudia Released Early!

    Upload went by much faster than expected! The new collection is up for grabs, 1 day early!
    This is my treat to y'all for Halloween! >: )

    You can find the download links here:

  2. News #2: [MH] Rosenkreuzstilette - Spiritia und Freudia

    Expected release date: October 31st, 2012

    Great news, after some struggling in my previous blog post, here's a few more images for your eyes to feast upon!
    The new logo for the project is right above these little lines of text, and here's the rest:

    The welcome screen of the installer:
  3. News: [MH] Rosenkreuzstilette - Spiritia und Freudia

    Here's a next update on what is going on for this project!

    A few hiccups on my setup, as one of my applications to create the DVD label is really old (it still used to install fine on my Win7 box, but not anymore), I had to fool around with my VMware Windows XP box, but the printer failed to connect properly...

    My last resort was the Windows XP Mode that work with my Windows 7 Ultimate... I finally got around at finalizing the disc image and printed it out. The front ...
  4. Anime on the Go Once again!

    One of the things I do love about Anime is the fact I've got a large library of it both digital and DVDs....using programs like Handbrake I can convert stuff to digital files like MP4 or MKV and load it to a SD Card. While it's not an Ipad or Laptop PC it's a convenient little device that cost me about as much as a couple figures would.

    The Seller I purchased it from tested the battery life for me so that's a plus to them since the older one I had was dropping battery power within ...
    Collector , Other
  5. My thoughts on TMNT 2012

    So, I Decided to do some kinna semi-regular series, about my thoughts on nuerous cartoons/anime/whatever/moo. So here is my Thoughts on the opening Two Episodes of the 2012 TMNT series!

    First up, the style, I like the angel they are going with, it's CG but cartoon-ish, and it is a good combination, the action sequences look fluid and the character animations is good and fluid expressions are done well, the backgrounds are well ...
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