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  1. NSFW-PORN!!!!!!!!!!!!

    by , 03-19-2013 at 03:30 PM (CASEY-SAMA'S LIL DEN OF SIN.......desu)

  2. Spring TV Anime Season 2013

    So... time is ungrateful and we can't seem to stop it. After a slow winter, we are getting ready to get something interesting to follow. Somehow, it seems that the new ideas aren't coming as fresh as years before, still you'll have enough to keep you busy.

    Probably, the most awaited anime of the season will be Oreimo 2, or Ore no Imouto ga Konna ni Kawaii Wake ga Nai, where Kyousuke Kosaka, a regular high school student will have to deal with the strange idea that his little sister, ...
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  3. PPD Studio Items & Stuff

    Studio items added

    Exercise Bike posted 05-18-2013

    Containers posted 05-16-2013

    Butterfly posted 05-15-2013

    Massage Chair posted 05-14-2013

    Roses posted 05-14-2013

    Flashlight posted 05-14-2013

    Cargo Truck posted 05-12-2013

    Uncle Bob's Action Pack posted 05-11-2013

    Teddy Bear posted 05-09-2013

    Leopard posted 05-08-2013

    Kraken posted 05-04-2013

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  4. I'm reaching out....

    by , 03-14-2013 at 03:25 PM (Haika's Odd corner of aimless Blasphemy & Appeal.)
    The disappearence of Haika

    Maybe you guys noticed or not, but i have been a lot less active lately, well school started again...
    I have mixed feelings about this as this means less private skill improvement time, but will also be the first time in a year time that i will be attending classic school lessons. (Before this i had a internship and lessons at the architecture academy.

    But don't fear, i'll pop up once in a while here or on flashchat

    Freedom ...
  5. azTRAX Fall 2012 Special

    A new year, a new way beginning. Or at least that's what we are supposed to think sometimes. The fall season finished a bit slow in 2012; still, some anime have some themes to remember.

    This azTRAX Fall Special begins with Rita, a seiyuu, singer, and lyricist from Osaka who sang both, the OP and ED theme songs for the Little Busters! anime.

    Next is nano, formed at the beginning of 2006 by Penicillin vocalist Hakuei and guitarist Chisato. nano stated that the band would ...
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