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  1. I command you to pet mah pussy

    by , 11-21-2013 at 10:08 PM (CASEY-SAMA'S LIL DEN OF SIN.......desu)
  2. Design & 3D Modeling: Holland's Logs

    I converted a thread into a blog here, so it will be better maintained: Enjoi~

    The purpose of this Blog is to create a log of my 3D and Digital Art endeavors.
    You may comment or give tips, feel free!

    Pretty much I am self taught on the software I know, with the exception of GUI navigation and tool tutorials.
    To train, I want to edit or create something every day (or as best I can, realistically), and Ill try to post it in spoilers here.

    The Software ...
    Games , Collector , Other
  3. HearthStone - looks like candy, tastes like crap.

    A game for those who dosn't mind wasting many hours of thair life waiting for some retard to make a lame move.

    This pay to win based game is probably best looking card game ever created. Every pixel is on it's place and the animations are as beautiful and smooth as they get, just as you would expect from WoW creators. However when it comes to the gameplay, it is a disaster. This game is so ...
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  4. What's exactly this?

    How could I describe this feeling? Maybe it's not just one thing and it's just a mixture of different things but it happens to me a lot. Anyway, let me talk about it with some examples. Normally I don't use to talk about myself to others and by "myself" I include almost everything, from secrets to things that make happy or angry except for minor issues.

    On the other hand there are other kind of people who like to share everything, that's fine for them, I guess, but sometimes ...
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  5. Captain Supermarket

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