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  1. Revamped my Skyrim character.

    I think I've decided on a look for her.
  2. Male H voice Mod: Otaku Personality Beta Download!

    The Otaku personality for my Male H voice mod is ready to be downloaded... Sorta. It's mostly done, there's just some inconsistant volume levels, some placeholder sounds, and it could proabably use a bit more fine tuning (like lip syncing?). But it's close enough to being finished that I can offer a download link!

    Here it is:

    Just download it into the data folder in your aa2 folder, replace the old one (make ...
  3. Been playing Criminal Girls recently

    So yeah, got bored the other day and picked up my PSP for the first time in ages; decided to play Criminal Girls, to see if it was any easier to understand compared to the last time I played it (a couple of years ago).

    Good news:
    It was much easier than before; I only had to look up a few words over the 10+ hours I've sunk into it the past couple of days. And I'm actually enjoying the story.

    Bad news:
    The game is pretty bad if you don't understand Japanese (though ...

    Updated 03-07-2016 at 08:25 AM by sholum

  4. Liru: Year Nine

    Nine years of Liru avatars, wow! Will year ten be the last? Only time will tell!

    This year my favorites were probably March, September, and December. What about you? :3

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  5. The Power of Oppai I :3(NSFW)

    Just random pictures showing their power in h-media.

    Updated 02-28-2016 at 01:09 AM by OppaiTaishō

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