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  1. and now Lux Presents: The saga of the hacked steam account!

    well I had a fun month...


    So Part one:

    I went home from work one day to see that my Steam account wanting autherisation... which I thought was weird, I put in my password and it didn't like it... So I checked my email and my steam account's email had been changed... also that email was in the junk/deleted items bin... OK, so I locked the account and got onto support... 5 days later got it back, YAY!

    Chapter 2:

    Came home again ...
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  2. My Premium Studio Pro Galleries: Snowfall Completed Edition

    by , 02-07-2015 at 02:57 PM (DerKommisar's Premium Studio Pro Galleries)
    EDIT: 2,000 views! I had a couple requests on what to make for this milestone so I split the difference and made a double shot of Yukari action for you all


    Premium Studio Pro is a poser program based on Illusion's 3D hentai game Premium Play Darkness, so NSFW content abounds. In my time playing with it I've made many comics, image sets, and random pictures of mostly pornographic nature, ...

    Updated 03-25-2015 at 07:02 AM by DerKommisar

    Hentai , Games
  3. ♥YuriMate Manga♥ (HM Studio works) UPDATED 13/04

    Hi everyone! I've decided to blog some links to my YuriMate manga chapters for easy access. I've realised the thread HaremMate (ハーレムめいと) Character & Picture Thread
    got a bit cluttered, so you can check the latests versions of my stuff here!

    Even though HaremMate itself is quite a lackluster "game" (it's mostly a sex sim tbh) the Studio poser is really something else! Very user friendly, and full of options. I've never been into this sort of thing (I'm just an amateur ...

    Updated 04-13-2015 at 02:55 PM by gilgasho

  4. I now have holes in my jaw!

    I had my upper wisdom teeth pulled. One of them had a cavity and woke me up one night with severe pain which prompted a trip to the dentist. After reading up on wisdom teeth extraction, I am now paranoid about the frequent post-op complication, dry socket. Hopefully, nothing happens but I always worry...

    I'd post a picture of my extracted teeth buy it's bloody and ucky, not the best thing to post online. I think I screwed up by posting it on my personal Facebook; I ...
  5. Writing

    English language is today the most important one for business and information overall, also for fun like we do here where no matter where you are from we can all understand each other in English.

    That's why for both personal and professional reasons I decided to test myself in the Cambridge English: First certificate about a month ago and a few days ago I got my results. Obviously I decided to try an easier level because I didn't have too much time to get ready and because (I'm not ...

    Updated 01-29-2015 at 01:04 AM by Juas

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