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  1. Waiting kills me...

    Don't you hate it when your package from Japan gets held up at customs? Especially if it's full of hentai stuff? I think I'll die of apprehension.

  2. Frustration

    It's funny how some works get your attention and make you feel frustrated for different reasons. Yesterday I watched "The Purge", the first one not the new one in theaters and I had to calm myself down a couple of times. But let me put other examples of this feeling.

    When I was a teenager we had to read Chronicle of a death foretold and I may say that this was the first example of irritating work. This time is because of the narrative and intended by the author (Gabriel García ...

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  3. Fool Bones

    Well, this is more a "do-it-youself" description than a modification. While attaching items to my characters i noticed that i can't attach them to the upper arms, just the lower arm parts and that really bugged me. Fortunately the solution to that is pretty easy to achieve.
    You need to decode the prpr_20_00.pp file, than open the StudioFemaleConst.lst file and add the following code;
    Hip	a01_J_Kosi_010Dam
    R Scapula	a01_J_KataR_01
    L Scapula	a01_J_KataL_01
  4. The Misadventures of Mahou Knight Z: Day 2

    (NOTE: This post WILL contain 4th Wall Breaking.)

    Today, my Alarm Clock went off an hour late, so I found myself rushing to school, in a panicked state no less, since I heard that a new Girl was joining our Class today.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    I made it to Class in the nick of time. The new Girl, Bianca, introduced herself. Being the perv--er, nice guy that I am, I talked to her before anyone else could.

    Click image for larger version. 

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  5. FoolFantasyPlus

    The new additions for the Fantasy Bunduru are done. As i already hinted at, it includes a Viara-costume with all the gimmicks originally taken from Yuusha. And to make the furry-fun complete, i also added some tails and animal ears, the tails even with physx. But the icing is my newest selfmade-custom map, the Loverswell, inspired by the old elven bath in The Witcher 2.

    Enjoy a nice bath ... ...

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