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  1. My AA Mods

    Here is a list of my AA mods.

    Colorful Sun Glasses MOD

    Burberry skirts set with Burberry socks

    Perky Breasts! v.1


    Updated 05-20-2015 at 07:22 PM by bdpq

  2. HM Studio Ero Manga HAREM CHRONICLES -UPDATED 26/06

    Hello everyone! I started this new series of ero manga one-shots recently and I decided to make them a little room so they can be viewed.
    The theme on these is Harem/gangbang with a very slight dose of yuri here and there. Obviously, this is NSFW material.
    As with all my manga works, remember to READ FROM RIGHT TO LEFT. Hit fullscreen for better viewing. Download is also available.
    Hope you enjoy


    Updated 06-26-2015 at 10:38 AM by gilgasho

    Hentai , Games
  3. Random thought...the Legend continues

    I recently bought SoC Daitarn 3 from Crunchyroll from $100.
    ...this sucker is heavy!

    What if Banner hulked out while doing Widow? In hentai doujinshi, she would squeal in pain while being screwed. In Western stuff, she would blow up and her parts will splatter all over the place in glorious bloodbath.

    Don't you get a sense of excitement when you see your fluid squirt out rather than just oozing out when you do it? Thinking about ...
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  4. Time for no language skills again...

    I haven't pinned down the exact cause yet, or how much of multiple possible factors could be responsible, but every year at about this time, my ability to compose coherent passages drops like a rock...
    My ability to understand things drops too... This is incredibly aggravating for someone studying for the JLPT...

    Basic observations:
    -Allergen levels (pollens, fungi and their spores, etc)
    -Freshly ended a semester, thus becoming more lazy (may or may not be relevant, ...
  5. Nana and Shiori - Harem Studio Manga - UPDATED: 7/26/2015

    Hello and welcome! I'm Gooftroop, and I'm still relatively new here. Inspired by the fantastic works of a certain member of the forum, (Check out his fantastic work here!) I decided to make this manga.

    It started as a small hentai to do on my spare time, and has evolved into a full fledged drama. My love for storytelling really took over.

    Remember, this ...

    Updated 07-26-2015 at 07:30 PM by Gooftroop

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