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  1. Mojura - Responsive VN Update!

    Another week gone by and another update! Unfortunately I was busier than usual this week so not too much got done. I did work on it a bit, enough to post something. Here's what got done:

    I spent some time refactoring code to better support different "screens." Screens separate what the player views sort of like a scene does. However, screens are generally menus or the game itself. For example: some screens in the game right now are a loading, splash, main ...
  2. THE GOOD OLE DAYS [from the private archives of robo-chan

  3. "Mojura" - Responsive VN Ecchi

    Like a lot of people I love Artificial Academy. It's more than just an H-game, it was a good premise dammit. I wasn't quite satisfied with the interactions though. They seemed a little limited to me, random and mainly based off of the interactions the character makes with the other classmates.

    With this in mind I've spent a while working on a Visual Novel I've dubbed "Mojura."

    What Is It?
    As the name suggests (Mojura ~= Modular) the game is for the ...

    Updated 02-14-2014 at 05:58 PM by savagesun

  4. "Mojura" - Responsive VN Update!

    Continuing from a previous entry, I've made some significant additions to "Mojura" the modular visual novel. I'll discuss a few of the changes and additions below!

    What got done?

    Basic Scene

    Here is the basic structure of a scene thus far. As mentioned previously it's still rather abstract. There are no UI buttons yet, although the characters do act as their own buttons. Hovering over them will ...
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  5. I've got that Killer Instinct (The Video Game)

    Okay, wise guys. Here's the score:

    Killer Instinct is an AWESOME game. It's a Fighting Game for the Xbox One, and is the Sequel to Killer Instinct 2, which was released in Arcades back in the 90's. Seriously, I cannot get enough of this game. I've never been very good at fighting games, but I can play this one easily.

    Right, anyway, I'd like to fight someone other than a Computer, so if you have an Xbox One, and Killer Instinct, send me a Message, and we can exchange ...
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