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  1. VAcation

    Waiting on an ambulance to take me to the VA. I don't know how long I may be in, but I can't bring my laptop with me. I hope it's not so long that when I do get back to modding, I won't stare at it for a day to figure out what I was doing.
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  2. [ILLUSION] Sexy Beach Premium Resort (Sexyビーチ プレミアムリゾート) Characters Upload Thread.

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    Hi, always been a lurker of custom characters since AG3 days. I've almost upload many of my characters on hongfire and I had them on but lost my MASSIVE collection during a BSOD/ramdisk incident and lost all my

    custom AG3 characters, whom were basically old models updated reskinned with the Hongfire user, Tmvaegis
    Utsunomiya Shion skins with modified (faces & booty/body mods).

    Anyways I've always admire real life uploads of realistic models so
  3. my 10 year anniversary on hongfire

    hey how is everyone doing today? this your boi june86 here popping up randomly again!
    last month it was actually my 10 year anniversary here in hongfire lol times fly by fast all i can remember so far joining here for some PC games and escape from reality it was fun i had some good laughs, pissed off a couple of members and couple of them pissed me off but its all good yo!! still love ya!!.
    i tried to start some things, met some chil members in the forum games, sometimes ...

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  4. "not another Vietnam"

    [reposted from WordPress]

    Anyone who says, "I support the troops -- we don't want another Vietnam!" really show their ignorance of history. That was generational warfare. There wasn't any strategy in Vietnam because that was the strategy -- to kill kids.

    And kids protesting had every right to their rancor against the troops. To the kids living in fear that their lives would be thrown away in this Sisyphian meat-grinder, to whom a failing grade was a death ...
  5. Heavy Rain=Floods in Qatar;Climate Change

    Wow, climate change sure is scary, it's been raining so hard here in Qatar that floods occurred(the floods were not that severe, though it did affect the international airport(HIA). Well I just hope that anything like a tsunami stays away from Qatar, since it's a peninsula and is unprepared for events such as these.
    Here's some images

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