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  1. XBOX to XBOX 360 Best of Compatible!

  2. PSX to PSP eboot Center

  3. Nothin' Much

    Just visiting quietly in the background :] ... been struggling with a whole raft of health issues and, though still battered by a couple of them, I am starting to win :]

    Figure I'll put notes when I visit here so people know I'm still around if not very active!
  4. Resurrection of the "Loli" Panzer Division (Celebrating mein 6th anniversary in HF)

    I feel I must do something for a change.

    A long time ago, there was a Reich. A Reich ruled by a man who dream a world of lolis that seen nothing but peace. Of course there many that defiled that and an obvious war is needed.

    I formed the Panzer Division due that the Reich needs an upstanding military-arm where loli's ride on a tank chasing those wretched fools... Unfortunately ...
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  5. Spring Anime Season 2015

    The Spring Anime Season 2015 is here, fast enough for me to say, I have a lot to watch and time has become scarce lately. Won’t deny this season is intriguing in so many ways, there seems to be a lot of interesting series to follow, specially new anime.

    With certain amount of urgency, we have the winter ending and giving entry to the new season we have Fate/Stay Night: Unlimited Blade Works and Yamada-kun to 7-nin no Majo (2015). Both with advanced screenings, and already ...
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