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  1. Artificial Academy 2 Journal Entry 2

    I woke up this morning not expecting much, but Miss Aran had plans for me. She's been suspicious of me and Megan for a while now, but we're in a secret relationship so she cant do much about it.

    Except pull me aside to the conference room. In the conference room she locks the door, and I was forced on my back. I did not resist, and she knows me all too well as she sat on my chest ready to go further.

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    Needless to say, ...

    Updated 07-05-2014 at 08:38 AM by NEO Ness

  2. Artificial Academy 2 Journal Entry 1

    I'm still learning the mechanics of the game, and while everyone is working hard on completing the English patch of the game, there are still minor bugs.

    That being said, I'm sorry if the first few posts are inconsistent.

    Anyways, onto the story of the games. AA2 is a simulation game of a school setting. It's a Hentai game, so that means there's going to be nudity in my posts.

    I've had a good run with my current class, dont even ask about my first ...

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  3. Summer Anime Season 2014

    Literally, the heat is on! The year has come to that time of the year you want to hang out outside and avoid the weather. Still, the fresh evenings invite you to enjoy the Summer Anime Season 2014… right?

    The new season brings an old time classic back to life, it’s been so many years, and old time fans are thrilled to see Sailor Moon in a new series.

    In Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon Crystal, Tsukino Usagi is a little clumsy and a crybaby. One day she meets Luna, ...
  4. Fools HET

    One of my first creations for Premium Studio Pro gives you a lot of stuff from Happy End Trigger to play with. The HETsuit in particular was a ton of work for me until it reached my highly placed requirements

    Updated 09-01-2014 at 04:44 PM by FoolBoy

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  5. FoolHair Bunduru

    Updated with 10 new hairstyles taken from the Artifical Academy 2 maker. Makes now 25 additional hair for Premium Studio Pro and all are color-changeable.
    Love the "super saiyajin" style

    Updated 09-01-2014 at 04:44 PM by FoolBoy

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