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  1. "not another Vietnam"

    [reposted from WordPress]

    Anyone who says, "I support the troops -- we don't want another Vietnam!" really show their ignorance of history. That was generational warfare. There wasn't any strategy in Vietnam because that was the strategy -- to kill kids.

    And kids protesting had every right to their rancor against the troops. To the kids living in fear that their lives would be thrown away in this Sisyphian meat-grinder, to whom a failing grade was a death ...
  2. Heavy Rain=Floods in Qatar;Climate Change

    Wow, climate change sure is scary, it's been raining so hard here in Qatar that floods occurred(the floods were not that severe, though it did affect the international airport(HIA). Well I just hope that anything like a tsunami stays away from Qatar, since it's a peninsula and is unprepared for events such as these.
    Here's some images

  3. Damn alarm clock!

    My God, why!? Last night I was having one of the best dreams I remember when a wild alarm clock appear! Actually I remember 3 dreams in the same night.

    First dream: I was working in the office and there was a real friend of mine working there (that doesn't even work in the same field as me to begin with, but it's a dream, you know?). At the end of the day we were leaving together but it was 15:52 and I couldn't leave until 18 so I just went with my friend outside to get some fresh air. ...
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  4. Cheesy Jalapeno Oatmeat Biscuits

    I never liked oatmeal as a kid, and as an adult I've made a challenge out of making it taste good. All of the recipes and additives I tried were sweeteners, but the ingredient that made it most palatable to me was cloves, by themselves or with All-spice.

    So I decided to try making it spicy instead. Actually I decided this long ago, but put it off until I was prepared to clean up the mess. A failed cooking experiment isn't as bad to me as cleaning up after a failed cooking experiment. ...

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  5. The night of the rabbit

    One-shot horror Story.
    Genres: Psych. Horror, Gore, Hentai, Paranormal, Romance.


    Sarah is a troubled 18 years old girl who feels left behind by her two only friends when they start dating. She liked Hyun from the very beginning, but she would never be able to compete against Andrea. That same night, soon after a terrible argument, the

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