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  1. Making an Animated GIF is fun!

    You can make an Animated GIF from your favorite Anime very easily. This GIF is made from my favorite Yuri Anime, Hanayamata. Making an Animated GIF is very enjoyable! Why don't you try it? No matter what genre, shall we talk about GIFs on my Blog?

    Updated 10-06-2014 at 08:22 AM by moff moff (GIF, しませんか?)

  2. Fall Anime Season 2014

    The Fall Anime Season 2014 is big in terms of new series and specials, it’s been a while since we had so many. Hopefully, it will be a great one to end 2014, a year with many ups and downs and with some great series to remember.

    One of the most expected series comes from the past, once again, in Fate/Stay Night (2014), Shirou will have to face his destiny. As an orphan, he was lucky to be saved and adopted by a good man, but now he is also gone and Shirou will have to battle ...
  3. Just visiting

    Ha after i hadn't time to look at here for nearly a year,
    and realised that many forums i was on are gone im so glad hongfire still exists.

    Have no new AMV's or stuff because my freetime is ehm very short these days.

    Got 5 Days on work and 1 Day per week on school to make my bachelor hope i will make the final tests in may 2015

    than i got my weekend back XD maybe than i have more time to make some new stuff

    Hey and ...
  4. Random thought...

    To go to Hongfire, I type "ho" in the address bar and hit enter. I wonder if that's implying something?
  5. Fool Returns

    Well, back from vacation and back to work ...

    And i'm starting off with 2 new additions for PremiumStudioPlay - FoolDude & FoolOrigin
    For this new male character i took parts from ImmoralWard and made some changes. This ...
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