Install Rance Quest, I recommend using an English directory.
Install Magnum
Install 2.082, which adds a couple of images:
2.082 patch (2013/02/06) This patch is Tada unofficial Nov 7th 2012:

This is what is actually in the file:
Information Log pretty much entirely by Pyottl

Skill names and descriptions (should be everything now including updates and custom character ones?)
Item names and descriptions (should be close to perfect display wise)
Quest names and descriptions (didn't get to the new Hani descriptions)
Speaker names
Dungeon messages like chests, traps, exits, questions as much as possible.
Various other tooltips and messages I've seen.
Random things that happened to be immediately before or after any of the above.

Stuff related to character creation and changing worlds.
Started on area names (15 characters)
Started on combat log (stun/hit/poison/buffs/etc. but lots of enemy abilities to do)

#025 ("Author"/First quest) Kanjii/me (everything wrong is mine)
#033 ("Kalar Plot"/Meet Aegis for the first time). Kanjii
#036 ("Copandon"/Character intro quest) Kanjii
Quest 40: Mt.Hakkoda - started, someone wanted the guide's directions and those are done.
Quest 73: RancesGirl - Last half (forest) done, rest started.
Quest 74: Paternity - done
#083 ("Grape Farm"/Get grapes for Atago) Kanjii
Quest 97: MonstrHunt - done
Quest 177: Babel - started
Quest 202: Atonement - Mostly done but H-scene unfinished and may be missing failure messages.
Animations (2013/01/01):

This renames animations since their filenames are also their in game names.
Images (2013/01/19) Do not use the .ain file included in this, use the one above:

Other than:
-sound effects on small cgs
-words on background cgs
-"<name> GET!" for capturing a monster girl (Don't think I'd do it justice)
-the handful of unidentified item images say armor/weapon/item across them
-animations like 'miss' not going to learn and edit flash to do it, don't think they would even work
-full screen disclaimer for connecting to network, I wouldn't recommend doing that
-full screen copyright junk
-couple others but the interface changed with magnum so I'm not sure they are used, let me know if you see something like a button untranslated.