I converted a thread into a blog here, so it will be better maintained: Enjoi~

The purpose of this Blog is to create a log of my 3D and Digital Art endeavors.
You may comment or give tips, feel free!

Pretty much I am self taught on the software I know, with the exception of GUI navigation and tool tutorials.
To train, I want to edit or create something every day (or as best I can, realistically), and Ill try to post it in spoilers here.

The Software I will be using mainly is:
- Zbrush
- Paint Tool SAI
- Metaseqoia 3 and 4
- Photoshop

I am learning so I tend to create some... dreadful stuff... The plan is to take some courses later that can enhance my skills, but the scholastic focus atm is programming.
I got a tablet stylus and I am learning how to use that as well.