Welcome to Stampar's comic corner!

This is a collection of my contributions to the H-storytelling scene since 2015.
Most of them deal with horror in a pshychological sense. Sex is always present, although usually in a grim, unpleasant way.
I hope you enjoy your reading. Any kind of feedback is always appreciated.

Comic series [Click on the pictures to be redirected to the specific post]

Aria of paranoia. 16/06/2016

The story of Aria, a girl who isn't aware of her true nature. Her sister's death triggers a series of events that will forever change her life.
Who's that man with the blind eye who seems to keep following her...?


Succubo's Saga.

The succubos are ancient lust demons which usually dwell in the dark. But at certain set dates, their powers are awaken.
Those who aspire to vanquish them will need to be able to overcome their own desires.

The curse of the succubo.

The egg of the Succubo

One-shot comics.
Following stories are one-shot, meaning they are composed of just one chapter and can generally be read in one short session.

The night of the rabbit.
Genres: Psychological, Horror, Gore, Hentai.

The photography club!
Genres: Comedy, Slice of life, Hentai.


Those are small comics and galleries which might not deserve an entry by themselves, so clicking the image will directly link to the gallery.
Themes might vary so I'll point out the most important things.

The guest in the dark.
Genres: Horror, Gore, Grotesque, Tentacles.
[Done to conmemorate Syncroz's SBPR tentacle mod.]

The following comics are offered for free.
All of them are intented for mature audiences.
Copyright of vanilla in-game assets belongs to Illusion.
Ownership of the modified in-game assets belongs to their respective authors.
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