Update: 6/15/2017

As I'm sure you're already aware I very rarely update the blog here at Hongfire. Hongfire has been getting better, but many times I try to log into it and it will still hang, freeze, or simply be offline. I'm still updating the comic. All updates are still being hosted on my blog below. Not really sure when or if I'll get around to updating this blog. So I highly suggest visiting my tumblr to keep track of comic releases!! I also much more commonly lurk around www.anime-sharing.com.


In case no one seen, I did have the entirety of the comic on Google photos which is what I was hoping to use, but they banned my account and purged the galleries so I ended up having to use Imgbox. I will likely also be posting my comic at ComicFury soon since I've had a few people suggest it! Like I said I will probably continue to update this blog as much as possible but the more frequent updates and comments on progress will definitely be on the tumblr! Hope you guys enjoy this latest episode. Next one should be out in a decent time. Those porn scenes took a lot more time to panel than regular comic scenes! So now that they're mostly over things should hopefully move more briskly!

Thanks for reading everyone! As always feedback is currency!

The Star Princesses is a dark fantasy hentai manga made using the Sexy Beach Premium Resort studio creator. I consider it dark fantasy for several reasons, first of all there will be killing and blood in a fairly macabre setting, but more importantly most of the hentai aspects of the series will revolve around dark themes such as rape, humiliation, bondage, S&M and the like. If you are not comfortable with these topics I'd advise you to pass the comic by. If you like these sorts of things then I hope you enjoy the comic. If you've never really explored these topics before keep in mind they are handled in typical porn fashion, so it's displayed in a way to purposefully titillate the audience and the girls that are subject to these deviant sexual acts carry on about their day and lives as if nothing bad happened to them for the most part. So basically the girl gets raped, cries about it during the act, but then after it's done carries on about her life like it's no big deal. It goes without saying that I don't condone sexual violence in real life in any way. In fact if you're feeling really angry right now I'd suggest viewing this: --->https://imgur.com/a/PMRJx

The Star Princesses takes a while to get started, so hopefully you enjoy some story with your porn. At the time of writing this I don't have any hentai content currently published in The Star Princesses. Trust me it's coming. About 80-90% of Chapter 2 is nothing but sex, and if you take a look at Chapter 1 as any indication I think I'm pushing about 90 pages. So yea.....there will be lots of hentai in there eventually.

Okay with that public service announcement kind of out the way more about the story!


This may be updated with more characters if I decide to build onto the story farther than the original 5 Chapters I have planned.

And here's the links to the comic. I will only be linking to the lossless PNG format through IMGUR here. If you'd like to look at the lower resolution pictures you can view them in the SPBR Studio Picture Works thread. If I get enough demand I'll link to the lower resolution pictures here as well. I will eventually consolidated all the "episodes" into a single "chapter" album, but obviously that won't happen until the chapters are complete. I'm estimating The Star Princesses to span 5 chapters.

The Star Princesses Chapters 1: Recurring Nightmare

The Star Princesses Chapter 2: Corruption of Innocence

The Star Princesses
Hey! We're not here yet!

The Star Princesses Chapter 4: Inescapable Void
Sounds foreboding doesn't it?

The Star Princesses Chapter 5: The Dying Light
The final climax! Don't worry the girls and you will have had plenty at this point.

Pinup pictures or other pictures of the characters from The Star Princesses. All of these pictures take place anywhere between Chapters 3-5 and are for the most part just the characters hanging out or doing things in universe. Keep in mind that although I'm calling these "pinups" and they do include some pictures that are just risque, they will soon include hentai pictures of the girls as well.


This is a videos section. You know, to put all the videos related to The Star Princesses. I know you're thinking, "But there's only one video!". Hmm...good point...good point...

I wouldn't have been able to create The Star Princesses without the help of some very talented people. I wanted to take a moment to thank all the modders of Hongfire for all their hard work, especially those of Sexy Beach Premium Resort since that's the studio I'm currently using to make this comic. If you feel like you deserve to be in this particular name list, please message me so I can add you. I certainly mean no disrespect if I left you out. Almost all the names I'm listing here are people's work that I'm using directly in the comic or those whose work is so essential that the comic wouldn't have been even remotely what it is and will be. These names are in no particular order.

Cur144 He has a ton of mods in both SPBR and PlayClub. His swimsuit and panty mods are used on both Miki and Aya.

Syncroz His monster mod pack is going to be getting used and abused extensively throughout the series, starting at the end of Chapter 2.

aastaroth For all the maps he's ported, and the work he's put into with the item master list so we can keep adding mods into the game!

ramoram For all the maps and items he's ported. He's imported weapons that help make the series dangerous, and buildings to make the city feel more alive!

Vincent119 He's done a lot for the modding scene, but he also imported the entirety of the Sexy Beach into the Studio. Which of course opened a lot of options.

This list may very well be a work in progress. Still, thanks to all the hongfire modders.

As always, I love to hear feedback or suggestions! Keep them thoughtful and constructive please! I'll be working on adding more pictures, and working on the character and opening section to make this little blog look a little more like a hub for everything The Star Princesses!