• Tech Tools Essentials 2011

    Just a general list of stuff to help keep your computer running smooth and cool (visually),
    as well as extra programs you may be interested in:

    (Most of these are free. Some work on other platforms than Windows)

    Open Office (recommended)
    Mozilla Thunderbird
    Juice (Podcasting)
    Goldwave [Not Free]
    Notepad++ (recommended for those who code)
    AoA Audio Extractor (Perfect for ripping audio files from video, including Youtube!)

    Miranda IM (multi-client support instant messaging)
    VLC (recommended)

    Paint/Image Rendering Programs

    Misc Utilities
    7zip Highly Recommended!
    TrueCrypt (recommended)
    Tweak UI (Windows XP users only)
    Crap Cleaner (recommended)
    TuneUp Utilities
    COMODO Firewall
    Recuva (undelete utility)
    Eraser (secure deletion)
    Acronis True Image ( PC backup and Recovery )
    PC Tools
    6 tools for Local Area Network Administrators
    Internet Download Manager
    Total Commander (manage files/folders)
    VMWare (Virtual machines)

    Anti-Virus/Malware Removal
    Avira Antivirus
    SpyBot: Search and Destroy
    Avast! Antivirus
    Kaspersky Antivirus
    AVG Free Antivirus

    Diagnostic Tools:
    Seagate HDD Test

    Image Hosts:

    Photobucket (requires registration)

    This is the list as of now. Feel free to post some more and I'll add them to the list.
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    1. Bond Travolta's Avatar
      Bond Travolta -
      May I suggest Malwarebyte's Anti Malware? It doesn't clash with other anti viruses and so far it is the only program I find capable of protecting & cleaning your computer from this one malware that can invade your PCs, pretending it's a windows security system finding out malwares that changes your walpaper & loads up annoying pop ups & load up your RAMs & suggests you pay them to clean your PC of the malware (especially for XP, not sure on the others yet as my 7 never got infected when I have this on my comp).I only use it exclusively for this, and what's convenient about it is that you don't have to update it just for protection from that very malware, which I find to be somewhat aggressive. Go to the internet without any protection and it's usually the first one to invade your PC. There was a variation of this malware specifically done for 7 I think, but I was quick enough to dismiss the tab it opened so I never knew what harm it could do & how to clean that one.
    1. Haika's Avatar
      Haika -
      more importantly, is that a girl with headphones with a virtual reality screen?ITS AWESOMEand thanks for the list of tools and programs saw quite a few i already used
    1. ForbiddenLove's Avatar
      ForbiddenLove -
      awesome lists and thank you. sorry if i ask in the wrong place, but i have a problem with my PC running kinda slow, was wondering if anyone have any idea how to fix this problem? thank you in advance
    1. Lisa Hayes's Avatar
      Lisa Hayes -
      your query is too general to identify what, or evey why, your PC is "running kinda slow"

      perhaps a more detailed description is needed so that we can identify what is making your PC slow.
    1. April Angela's Avatar
      April Angela -
      Acronis home 2011 bootable (USB)
      "this came with the acronis 2011 home so yeah NOT FREE makes cloning and back up files VIA USB boot"

      Standalone System Sweep bootable (USB/cd/dvd/iso)
      "this tool here lets you repair windows and clean virus if you can't boot your windows for some reason and its FREE *requires internet connection for installing of files to USB/DVD/ISO*"

      "this tool here automatically downloads Lyrics of your Song and show them like Karaoke or shows while auto scrolling along the song personally this is my favorite works with almost all media player tough its NOT FREE it still functions but annoys you to enter serial code"

      K-light Codec Pack
      "love this one for Media Playback it includes extra codecs, tweak setting tools, media player classic and stuffs and yeah its FREE"

      "RocketDock is a smoothly animated, alpha blended application launcher. It provides a nice clean interface to drop shortcuts on for easy access and organization. With each item completely customizable there is no end to what you can add and launch from the dock. Now with added Taskbar support your minimized windows can appear as icons on the dock. This allows for better productivity and accessibility."

      Smart Virus Remover

      "well i won't recommend this on XP tough (it deletes boot.ini LOL) but anyways this tool restore damages DONE by common viruses Disable Task manager, Regedit, msconfig, folder option ect. yeah its FREE"

      Sysinternals Utilities
      "this contain tools like alternative task manager, process explorer and other stuff its FREE and no need to download 1 by 1 they have a Suite"

      "well this tool shows you ALMOST everything without opening the computer box sadly its NOT FREE"

      well thats the tools and installers that is inside my USB Flash Drive
    1. ForbiddenLove's Avatar
      ForbiddenLove -
      Quote Originally Posted by Lisa Hayes View Post
      your query is too general to identify what, or evey why, your PC is "running kinda slow"

      perhaps a more detailed description is needed so that we can identify what is making your PC slow.
      sorry for my noobs, anyway, when i open any program(s) or run any game(s) it take too long to load and often is not responding. the program i open just freeze the PC. when i first buy my PC it run great, i just have this problem recently. [my PC is win7 64bits]
    1. HongFire's Avatar
      HongFire -
      Quote Originally Posted by ForbiddenLove View Post
      sorry for my noobs, anyway, when i open any program(s) or run any game(s) it take too long to load and often is not responding. the program i open just freeze the PC. when i first buy my PC it run great, i just have this problem recently. [my PC is win7 64bits]
      Start a thread in the computer section http://www.hongfire.com/forum/forumd...e-amp-Software

      then other members can help you out from there.
    1. Sethanye's Avatar
      Sethanye -
      Nice list all in all, some of the programs are arguably the best though, like the miranda IM, but i guess thats a matter of taste, and stuff like blender is hardly an essential, while its the only 3d program thats free its... crap and the user base for it is quite narrow as not many people can do 3d in the first place.
    1. darkandshadow's Avatar
      darkandshadow -
      @Sethanye: There have been a few people over the pastcouple of years that have wanted to try their hand at 3Ddevelopment but wanted a recommendation of a decent"starting" place. Blender was best option.However, you are correct that it is not an essential. I will make another sub section for programs that are nifty, butalso completely free.
    1. 「The Laughing Man」's Avatar
      「The Laughing Man」 -
      I love the image you used for this thread! *saves it*

      Another great piece of software is Daum Pot Player. Multiformat, speedy, updated often. Best of all, it's free!
    1. TheShadow's Avatar
      TheShadow -
      but that doesn't mean you need to install all those application to have a smooth computer always learn to install only the things that you need
    1. Sethanye's Avatar
      Sethanye -
      @darknshadow well i agree blender is the best free choice, which brings me to something else i wanted to note lol, you should split up the payed and free software, cos you have some in the list that are definitely pay for and if you do that you need to bring in the rest of the software too like gimp < photoshop, blender < (where to start >.<) 3ds max, maya, bryce, poser ect. all are better than blender (some have narrow specializations like bryce and poser but still), it would make the list more user friendly i think, since yeah the programs are good but they arent free.
    1. Yanachan's Avatar
      Yanachan -
      It would be nice to put a brief description of what each listed program does. You definitely don't need all of those programs and some of them will outright slow down your computer if installed so it's a pretty bad blanket list "as is".
    1. Alupihan's Avatar
      Alupihan -
      I have most of these, replaced my NOD32 with AVAST and replaced my MAYA with Blender (since maya eats up craploads of resources). If you can recommend a reliable free video editing tools it would be helpful too. alsoIDM and Kaspersky, and pretty much some of the other softwares in there is not free though, you might as well specify those.
    1. darkandshadow's Avatar
      darkandshadow -
      It'll be a few days but I'll reorganize the list in a more user-friendly fashion.
    1. akimikage's Avatar
      akimikage -
      you should have included what their uses are...
      And I must add ... the button in commenting seems hard to press. I have to click it a few times before acting
    1. S1En1's Avatar
      S1En1 -
      I want headphones like that
    1. demonicslayer's Avatar
      demonicslayer -
      I would suggest Advance System Care which can be downloaded for free. It help provide update for Window, clear registry, clean disk, disk optimization and so on. What I like about this program is that it could fix some errors such as Window wouldn't load beyond the loading screen in normal mode.
    1. harmonic's Avatar
      harmonic -
      http://windirstat.info/ Shows whats taking up all your HDD space with pretty boxes

      http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/s...rnals/bb896653 great replacement for ctrl-alt-del (now ctrl-shift-esc) menu

      http://www.piriform.com/speccy Shows computer specs and info

      http://rainmeter.net/cms/ desktop info gadget thingy

      http://www.codesector.com/teracopy.php replacement for windows copy program

      http://www.launchy.net/ configurable quicklaunch bar thingy with other uses through plugins

      http://www.irfanview.com/ Image viewer

      http://www.imgburn.com/ rip and burn disk images

      http://torrent-search.sourceforge.net/ Rather difficult to find (due to the generic name) but excellent desktop torrent search tool
    1. pizzaman's Avatar
      pizzaman -
      I object to open office and winamp. OpenOffice may be Sun's Copyright, but Sun was an ass and basically chased all community developers out. LibreOffice is the new OpenOffice. Winamp is just overloaded with shit and stuff, and on top of that tends to phone home even if not told to do. mpc-hc (part of CCCP) & vlc do it's job pretty well, if not better.
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