• A simple guide in making GIFs -- The Slideshow Image Version.

    A guide to making GIFs, Slideshow.

    * Note, in the final GIF, those words at the bottom are my watermark to show that I was the one who made the GIF. And yes, I do have a Tumblr.

    So what happens is that first, you need to have a set of CGs you want to make a GIF out of.
    We will be using Photoshop.
    Take note that any image can be used, though make sure they are all of the same sizes.
    So I'll be using Starry Sky ~ In Summer ~ CGs here, to show you that nice effect when the images are linked together.

    Picture 1 :

    Picture 2 :

    Picture 3 :

    So first, what I will do is to Sharpen the images. The Sharpen function can be found under Filters : Sharpen.

    When you're done with that, in the first image, duplicate that layer. Most likely, you'll end up with a second layer called : Background Copy.

    Make sure the background COPY is selected, then go to Filter, Blur, MOTION BLUR.

    Set the distance to about 23 pixels so that the effect would be quite ohkay.

    Click ok and once it closes it should be something like this :

    After that, click the eye beside the layer that says " Background Copy ". This will turn that layer's display off.

    Remember, it must be for the BACKGROUND COPY LAYER.

    So by right, you'll only see the background layer there.

    After that, go to Windows, and click Animation. There should be a display of frames there ( 1 only ).

    Create a new Frame by clicking on the symbol that looks like the Create a new Layer symbol.

    Once that's done, select the second frame and click the eye beside Background Copy.

    So it's like in the First Frame you'll see the CLEAR image while in the Second Frame you'll see the BLUR image.

    At the bottom of the frames, you'll see something that says 0 Seconds. Change that to anything you like. After that, you're done.

    Like what my other GIFs has, they have more than one image. All you have to do is to just bring the other image to that same canvas under a new layer and a new frame, and do the same things stated above and you have a nice about to be a GIF that looks something like this.

    After that, the most tricky part is saving it.

    As you know, there are certain websites such as Tumblr, and even the Hongfire gallery which limits your GIF file size.


    Change the width to something smaller, and your height is also adjusted to suit the width.

    Mess around with the DITHER, LOSSY and COLOURS and don't touch anything else cause it will only mess everything up TT.TT
    Most importantly, make sure it's saved as a GIF! Once it's done click " Save " and your image is ready to be uploaded.

    So, you will see the file size.

    Finally, the outcome :

    Some other examples :


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