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    ~ Bayonetta~
    ~ Platinum ~
    ~ Release Date: 2009 Oct Earliest ~
    ~ ESBR: M ~
    ~ Genre: Hack n' Slash~
    ~ Consoles: PS3/Xbox360

    Authors note: Well here's Bayonetta, a more mainstream tittle compared to my last review lol. As usual hope you enjoy reading and rep if you like. If i made any mistakes feel free to point it out and ill fix them.

    As usual with PS3 games, the pictures are linked directly to HF gallery, where you can see them in full resolution.

    Are you a male aged 13 to 16? do you feel a constant state of arousal due to overdose of hormones? Well then this game is certainly not gonna help you solve those issues...

    Bayonetta, a DMC style game developed by Platinum games (With the director of DMC1) and Team Little Angel (Which is the same Team Little Devil that did the original DMC game). One might call it a DMC clone, but in all fairness it beats DMC4 to a dust ball and doesn't even let it get up, basically it is a game that fixed all the issues DMC4 had, and added more stuff on top of that.

    Full rating list:
    • BBFC: 15
    • CERO: D
    • ESRB: M
    • OFLC: MA15+
    • OFLC: R16
    • PEGI: 18

    Full release date list:
    • JP October 29, 2009
    • NA January 5, 2010
    • AUS January 7, 2010
    • JP October 29, 2009

    Graphics in detail: The graphics are solid, there isnt really much to add or subtract there, sure they could have probably pushed the texture resolutions a bit higher, but considering the fluidity of movement this game requires, pretty sure no one wanted to risk giving the frame rates and chance to drop. Ive heard rumors that the original release on the PS3 had graphical issues, with the game causing tears when fast turning and such, however i played it on the PS3 with the latest patch and haven't encountered any graphical errors.

    The only complaint i have, and i seen a lot of people having it too, is the cutscene style, some of the cutscenes are properly animated and such, but in some its done in this stupid film roll freeze frame mode, and while the idea is interesting in general, after a while it just starts feeling lazy and annoying.

    Music and sound in detail: The music in this game is... well weird would be one way to say it, it has some pretty epic final boss fight songs and such, but that's not the weird part, the main fighting themes with normal mobs is remastered pop songs from like eh i don't even remember, 50s or 60s something. First time you hear it you go like wtf, this is gonna get old, but oddly enough it doesn't, despite its wackiness it blends into the game pretty well and not once did i find my self bothered by it.

    The sounds effects are good, there isnt much to dwell on, but it's just what you would expect in such a game. The voice acting could be better, but its not bad or anything, it's just average.

    Controls: Something of a great important in such a game, and they deserve a medal for what they did, they did not try to invent the wheel again. Basically the controls are the controls you had in DMC 2/3/4 (DMC1 had bizarre controls o.o), like the sword special moves are executed in the same way that DMC ones are, so if you are familiar with that already, it will feel very pleasant not having to learn a whole palette of moves, don't be mistaken though, there is a lot more moves than there is in DMC4, they are just weaved around the already known moves.

    But not drifting too far into the actual game play zone yet, the controls are responsive and precise, i haven't encountered any delays in performing even the most complicated combos.

    Story: Ok this is not something this game excels at, there is a story, but to be frank, its just there, that's all there is to it. Its not a bad concept for a story, it's just its too easily readable ahead, when i was playing i found my self more interested in what levels and enemies will i fight next, or what new weapon will I get, than what will happen to Bayonetta. The story is more like just there to give you a reason on why you are going somewhere more than anything else.

    Gameplay: Well to start with you start out already knowing the majority of moves, that's right you heard me, unlike in DMC you can do stuff like double jump right from the start. There are some unlockable moves, but most of them are optional, in all honestly i only found the air dodge and all the shapeshift moves (Ill get to those later.), the rest are totally optional and actually get in the way even sometimes, but there is an option to toggle them on and off so you can design something suitable for your tastes.

    If you are a DMC fan, from the start (well more like from the second level) you will notice one major level difference, which is a absence of invisible walls, a very frustrating thing in DMC. There are some, but mostly you can get to anywhere. However if you are worried about falling off of everywhere, don't fret, running to an edge will make you stop, so you will not randomly dart out into oblivion while performing combos, jumping however will let you jump past the ledges, even if it means jumping to your death.

    Another feature that you get introduced fairly at the beginning is the witch time, fancy name and all, but it essentially is a time slow down which activates if you dodge an enemies attack right as its about to hit you. It adds a nice level to the game and actually helps tremendously with some enemies. Also allows you to execute some pretty wicked combos.

    The third feature worth mentioning here is shapeshifting, though you only get it like in stage 6 or 7 in the game, it is one of the most useful things in the game, there are 3 forms total, panther which allows you to run at great speeds (also perform fast dodge in dodge out attacks) and i mean really great, Bayonetta already runs faster than Nero/Dante in DMC4 with the sprint on, the panther is almost too fast in some circumstances. The second form is a bird, that will allow you to well... fly. You cant fly up or down, just straight, however it will allows you to get over huge areas without touching the ground, useful for some goodies and speed runs, or just avoiding enemies you dont want to fight. And last and final form is the bat form, as soon as you get this, buy it and thank for it. What it does is basically lets you avoid damage taken if you click dodge right as the enemy hits you (not to be confused with the right before enemy hits you dodge to activate witch time), it turns Bayonetta into bats, making her appear a couple steps to the side from her initial location, and throws you into witch time for a short period, letting you retaliate, to be frank while its primary objective is to help you avoid damage, it is almost easier to use that against enemies than the perfect dodge, because of you being closer to the enemy.

    The next feature you will come across is the combo finisher moves. Now before we get to that, we need to establish the fact that in that universe for some weird reason, hair lets you summon demons, hell if i know how that works or whats the logic behind it, its never really explained, but yeah Bayonetta's hair is magical, actually her clothing is made out of hair, yes you heard me right, HAIR. Somehow she weaves a whole dress out of it. However when she summons demons using her hair, she loses part of her clothing, woopie, small stuff will strip her to a spandex type looking suit, while the major ones will get her naked pretty much (you won't be able to see any juicy bits though, dont get your hopes up, damn camera angles). Now back to the finishers, these will differ depending on what you have equip, but they are very damaging moves and look frigen cool, like a giant fist appearing in the air and smacking your enemy into the ground, hell yeah. Another type of finisher is using her magic to use various torture devices to kill off enemies, this of course will not work on bosses, but some of them are frigen awesome, dropping out a guillotine out of nowhere, kicking the enemy into it and chopping its head off is always fun. Also that will make the enemies drop their weapons, allowing to use those for a short time.

    As for combos them selves, the array is massive, not only each weapon has its own combos (well some of them will be similar if the weapon type is similar), but also combinations of different weapons will result in different combinations too. That is executed by letting bayonetta having weapons on her legs too, not all weapons can be put on the legs, but quite a big selection of them. So yeah, ever wanted to shoot rockets while performing kicks? Here's your chance. There is also a thing called dodge offset in the game, that allows you, not to only break any combo in mid run by a dodge no matter the circumstances, but also in fact continuing after the dodge.

    The weapons array is very solid too, the game features a total of 11 (12 if you count the lightning and fire durga as separate) weapons, which includes pistols, shotguns, swords, a whip, claws, ice skates, rocket launchers and other destructive madness. 4 of them will require you to complete specific stuff and will not be acquirable during your first play through, and frankly some of them have some pretty high requirements, however the developers included "cheats" for both the unlockable weapons and accessories, i put it in "" because it will allow you to purchase them for insane amounts of halos (the currency in this game). So that will take time to grind out and you will have to work for it either way, its just an alternative path. The weapons that are acquirable within the game are done so by collecting music records (yeah you heard me right), which the shop keeper uses to attract demons and trap them inside weapons. Who ever knew that demons like Moonlight Sonata.

    Accessories is an another thing that will let you customise your destructive output, there is a total of 12 accessories available, some purchasable in the shop, some as weapons, require specific stuff done. Their usefulness will vary, some frankly are nearly useless all together, but there are some that will help a lot, like an accessory that used lets you take a couple hits without taking damage, an accessory that goes into with time when you are hit, an accessory that allows you to leave exploding bombs when you dodge, a block accessory and so on, some of them will have both positive and negative effects to keep the game balanced.

    In the game it self you will be fighting angels, which is a nice change from the usual lets kill all demons thing, but the angels hardly look holy at all. Either way, the selection of enemies in the game is very solid and varying in types and difficulty, the only thing that is worth noting, and while its not really a negative thing, its just something the game tends to do. Turning bosses into normal mobs, it is a habit you will run into over and over, have you struggled killing this serpent dragon dear player, well how about you fight 2 now, or how about 3, now lets try 2 in gold mode (gold enemies are basically enraged enemies, they will take more hits to kill and do more damage). Even the major bosses that have their own stages, later own will be thrown at you like a joke, bit easier forms of them, but non the less. But as i said before, this is not just trying to rehash enemies, the selection of them will not leave you bored.

    And let's not forget Father Rodin, the optional boss of this game, to even get to it, first you need to get 10 mil halos... that's right go grind and then just fighting him will cost you 999999 halos. But he is well worth the wait and the money, he is one of the hardest ingame bosses i ever fought. Overpowered to beyond absurdity, he has more health than god him self, and his attacks are just merciless, assuming you have the maximum health gathered, which is 2 full health bars, you will be able to take 3-4 hits from him if he lands a combo on you. So be prepared for very skillful dodging and timing to get this boy down. However the weapon reward for it is well worth it too.

    The game has everyones beloved QTE's too, however there isnt that many of them, and most of them are predictable, and the ones that arent at least have the decency to have a check point right before them incase you cock it up. Some enemies will also have special interactions when they are weakened allowing for God of War style beat the crap out offs in various painful ways. It is fun however, and frankly the game is pretty brutal in general, slice the angles in half, cut their heads off, cut them through vertically, splatter blood and feathers everywhere, so expect quite some violence.

    The stage environments them selves vary nicely too, with some of them even involving passive human npc's, you cannot interact with them as Bayonetta stays in the Astral or Ethereal or whatever witchy plane of existence witches stay in, but you can see them walking around, which is a nice touch, since it kinda gives the game more life and not that this is an end of the world just for you. Some stages (or some points of the stages) will allow Bayonetta to activate this power that allows her to defy gravity, basically you can walk on walls and ceilings, this can be trippy as hell at some points, but immensely fun. There are also a couple stages that are not fighting, 2 of which involve riding a motorbike which is pretty well designed, don't expect a racing game, but its still fun. The other weird one is riding a rocket through a kind of Afterburner style of gameplay.

    References... This is something that is beyond abundant in this game, infact there is so many that its crazy, there is a reference to Eggman (The bad guy from Sonic), which combined with one of the weapons looking like the rings from sonic makes it a plausible reference, then there is one for Viewtiful Joe, Evil Dead, Resident Evil 4 "Whadya buyin’!?", some BLATANT references to DMC, at one point Bayonetta just plain out says "Let’s rock, baby!" which is like the catch phrase of Dante, and also the spider from DMC1 appears as one of the hair demons. There is numerous references to Okami, like names, patterns and even the panthers run mode growing flowers is blatantly referencing Amaterasu's running, and one boss pretty much dropped down from there too. Theres several references to various movies and much more, theres only so much i can remember off the top of my head.

    Also just as DMC be prepared for totally pointless showing off, Bayonetta will use every opportunity she has to show off some curves, or do some ridiculous dance, or just act flirty. There is even one point she has a dance off with an angel, it's not a bad thing in any way, it combined with the fact that the game is in no way shy of making fun of it self result in some very funny scenes.


    ~ A little moves showcase video ~

    Key Pros:
    • Good graphics
    • Great controls and combos
    • Variety of environments and enemies

    Key Cons:
    • Curscenes will be annoying to some
    • Soundtrack might not be to every one's tastes
    • Bit of a grind fest for halos

    All in all its a great Hack n' Slash type of tittle, especially if you were disappointed by DMC4, i happened to play them nearly in succession after i got my PS3 and the difference is just drastic.

    That about wraps it up, thank you for reading ^^
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    1. Juas's Avatar
      Juas -
      Nice review, but this game is one of my favorite ever and soundtrack is one of the best ones I've ever seen. Is the best hack and slash I've ever played!
    1. kR1pt0n1t3's Avatar
      kR1pt0n1t3 -
      Quote Originally Posted by Juas View Post
      Nice review, but this game is one of my favorite ever and soundtrack is one of the best ones I've ever seen. Is the best hack and slash I've ever played!
      You obviously didn't play much h&s games
    1. Juas's Avatar
      Juas -
      Hehe, it's a matter of tastes but you should agree (and every professional reviewer does) that this is a great one in its kind. Good graphics and controls, great music, humor, variety and replayable over and over.
    1. LHardwood's Avatar
      LHardwood -
      bayonetta felt somehow strange for me when i first played it, ( the tutorial level backstabbed me heavy, i was totally unaware of whats going on on screen, up and downside changed back and forth...where to move on ??? ...are they wearing rollerblades with firearms or ist the powder again to bad?... XD ) but after graveyard the game caught me really. Ninja Gaiden was great, but bayonetta could rape hayabusa and he never noticed!
      Personally i liked the cutscenes a lot and the presentation fits my taste but thats of course an arguable point of view.
    1. Sethanye's Avatar
      Sethanye -
      ^lol yeah the Intro, well i choose the wording intro since it isnt really a tutorial is just a mind fuck, they throw you into the deep end with no explanation of what or why, but since you cant really die there i guess its just for show off lol. It isnt even explained where exactly is it in the games time line.
    1. fullhellse's Avatar
      fullhellse -
      That is just sad that there is no PC version. It's a great game, but for the ppl who doesn't own the consoles, you can only be sad. This is my case. Sad story, true story. ='(

      awesome review btw !
    1. kanosuke's Avatar
      kanosuke -
      I also attest to the greatness of Bayonetta. It speaks to the 14 year old boy deep inside of me (or not so deep in actuality). Also I'm back. Kinda.
    1. Deathforce's Avatar
      Deathforce -
      Nice review. The halos will come while playing for trophies/achievements. And the PS3 version indeed has tearing as the 360 version does. Latter one not that extreme though noticable on both systems.

      Hopefully I´ll complete climax mode soon. Damn hard way to platinium....
    1. devilsmaster's Avatar
      devilsmaster -
      It's not that bad of a game, something more simple those. Also it did have some issues. I still never beat all of them on platinum either. But I might get those last few levels completed those. There are a few levels that make getting all Platinum hard, so watch out for those!

      Don't worry fullhellse, Just hope they make a second game of it. Then it might be for PC too. Or if not? Just get a system sometime and play it for yourself. Or? Just watch game play videos for awhile! That will help you!
    1. mori810's Avatar
      mori810 -
      Good review! This game is mostly excellent but "Space Harrier stage" is too long
    1. SHL's Avatar
      SHL -
      One of the best games and one of the best Hack 'n' Slash of the latest years. Great argument, originally weapons, brutal combos, very charismatic protagonist and characters... And a COMPLETE game, without DLC's, the problem of most games actually.
    1. JJOD's Avatar
      JJOD -
      I hope the day comes out xbox emulator , but..Nice!! Review!