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Premium Play Darkness HF Patch

Uploaded by Inquisitor - 01-27-2013
Author Author Inquisitor
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This patch updates your game with officially released DLC. In addition it installs English translations and uncensor created by the awesome HF modders.

Premium Play Darkness HF Patch version 1.9 includes:

This patch would not be possible without SB3Utility(GUI+Script) by enimaroah

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Known issues
  • The patch requires at least 8GB free temporary space to install all components. Most of this space will be freed when patching is complete.
  • The included machine story translation has several issues, like text going off screen and infinite looping of one or more story lines - use on your own risk!

Having problems?
  1. Read the Premium Play Darkness Technical Help wiki!
  2. Read/search the Premium Play Darkness discussion!
  3. PM me

This patch will be updated if there are updates to any of the included mods or if other essential mods are released.

Version history
1.9, 2014.03.18: Update launcher to DEP fix. Compression=lzma2/ultra64 (size down from 674MB to 463 MB)
1.8, 2014.01.13: Add IllusionVR 2.5, update wiki links.
1.7, 2014.01.07: Add all of PSP Hair bonus (this includes prpr_04_01.pp, prpr_11_00.pp and prpr_20_00.pp - special thanks to enter75 for helping out!), correct/update machine translation to 0.1.2.
1.6, 2014.01.06: Add prpr_04_01.pp (unsure where this is from, probably a PSP DLC) to fix crash on H scene.
1.5, 2014.01.04: Add DLC5 (premium_sp_01_plus), update UI to 1r06, PPD launcher to 1.6, Studio launcher to 1.5, windowed fullscreen to 2.0
1.4, 2013.05.09: Remove 1.5 launcher because game crashes on H scene
1.3, 2013.05.08: Add uhair_pro, update launcher to 1.5, update uncensor to 1.3B incl. Bug Patch 04-28-13, remove Penis fix mod (to reduce patch size), remove Wizzard (because of bug in PremiumDecrypt)
1.2, 2013.04.05: Replace Rorirnator's machine translation with English Machine Translation v0.1.2
1.1, 2013.03.28: Updated uncensor to 1.1B (with bug fix)
1.0, 2013.03.20: UI updated to 1r06. Lingerie DLC, Studio Animations, Uncensor MOD 1.0B (with fix 1 and 2), Penis Fix, Double Dildo for the Demoness added. Major improvement to SB3UtilityScript usage, which will now evaluate return value and offer abort-retry-ignore.
0.9.9, 2013.03.01: Only check for SlimDX on XP. Destination (<PPD>\data\prpr_00_00.pp) is now checked before allowing to continue (to avoid half-patched game). DL count before this release: 46,759
0.9.8, 2013.02.27: Fix SlimDX check on XP.
0.9.7, 2013.02.27: Not a public release.
0.9.6, 2013.02.27: Include SlimDX SDK binary to fix the issues some people have with the patch not doing anything. Implement check of installed SlimDX on Windows XP because including the binary doesn't work on XP for some reason. Download count before this release: 45,151
0.9.5, 2013.02.26: Not a public release.
0.9.4, 2013.02.25: Include pig man fix/translation, male animation fix. Include SlimDX binaries to hopefully fix the issues some people have with it not doing anything.
0.9.3, 2013.02.25: Not a public release.
0.9.2, 2013.02.24: Major redesign to use SB3UGS instead of PremiumDecrypt, purpose is to reduce time it takes to patch and temp file requirements (down to less than 2GB). Include 100% save. SB3UGS requires .NET 4.0 and a check has been implemented. Code cleanup. Patch had 43,115 downloads before this release.
0.9.1, 2013.02.22: Use SB3UGS instead of PremiumDecrypt. Not a public release.
0.9, 2013.02.21: Add 1.4d launcher by enter75
0.8, 2013.02.14: Update UI to 1r05, use enter75's final remap gloss launcher (to the = key).
0.7.1, 2013.02.13: Quick fix missing H buttons by installing both v1r01 and v1r00 of the UI, update Studio items lists
0.7, 2013.02.11: Update Premium Plus & Studio to 1.4 (DLC1-3), update UI to 1r01, launchers to 1.4c, add Studio Drop Down translations by Wong2005, update Vibrator Uncensor to 1.1
0.6, 2013.02.04: Redesign patch to delete temp files on the go (to reduce free space reqs), update uncensor to 0.2, include Vibrator Uncensor, Preset Names Translation
0.5, 2013.02.02: Update included DLC to 1.3, update launchers to 1.3, add DLC2 uncensor and rotation fix
0.4, 2013.02.01: Include UI 1r00, full uncensor, rename preset files (to offset uncensor issue with Japanese file names), 1.2b launchers
0.3, 2013.01.31: Update DLC to 1.2 and launchers to 1.2. Add Normal H-Mode Position Translation, Machine Translation V0.1, Remove Illusion Logo From Screenshots, Windowed Fullscreen.
0.2, 2013.01.28: Fix DLC not being installed correctly (sorry!), update UI to v0r36
0.1, 2013.01.27: Initial version
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