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Sexy Beach 3 HF Patch

Uploaded by Inquisitor - 03-31-2010
Author Author Inquisitor
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This patch installs English translations, uncensors and other essentials made by the awesome HF modders for Sexy Beach 3, Plus, Gravure, Flash and Xmas.
- Everything you need to get started with the game!

Sexy Beach 3 HF Patch
version 3.6 includes:

  • Use Google to find the Plus expansion!
  • Download Sexy Beach 3 Flash, Gravure (for Plus) and Xmas 'expansions'

Having problems?
  1. Read the Sexy Beach 3 Technical Help wiki!
  2. Read/search the Sexy Beach 3 discussion!
  3. PM me

There is no risk patching over a game that you already patched with an earlier version of the HF Patch. You can patch as many times as you want (you will only risk wasting your time).

How to install the game correctly
Click 'Show' to learn how to...
Sexy Beach 3 (and expansions) must be installed to a location without Japanese characters/letters for the patch to work!
How to install Sexy Beach 3 correctly:
  1. Run the Sexy Beach 3 setup with Japanese locale and click the (N) button.
  2. After a few screens you will see the one shown in the first image below.
  3. Click the (C) button to change the install location. This will bring up a browse window (see second image, below).
  4. Rename "Sexyビーチ3" to "Sexy Beach 3" or "SB3".
  5. Close the browse window by clicking OK.
  6. Click the (N) button a few times and the patch will install the game.
  7. Make sure the game runs without problems.
  8. You can now run the English patch. Remember to select the options you have installed.
  9. Play Sexy Beach 3 uncensored and in English.
  10. Expansions should not be installed to the Sexy Beach 3 folder. You need to change the location to something else like in 3-4 above.
  11. Run the patch again if you install an expansion and select the options you want it to patch.
Version History

3.6, 2011.06.05: Append '\' on found addon locations.
3.5, 2010.10.10: Various minor improvements. Rename to "Sexy Beach 3 HF Patch" from "Sexy Beach 3 (and expansions) English Patch Setup".
08-NOV-2008: Release 3.4 with various enhancements
10-AUG-2008: Add mediafire link
09-MAY-2007: Add 1-click share location.
15-APR-2007: Release 3.3.
31-MAR-2007: Add megaupload link.
26-FEB-2007: Add known issue. Thanks to grym for reporting and elaborate testing!
23-FEB-2007: Add sendspace link. Thank Goet for uploading!
20-FEB-2007: Release 3.2. Includes translation of ??? by flaq and latest SB3 Wizzard by darkhound. Thanks go to hubcap for testing and suggestions.
20-FEB-2007: Moved to Mod Release Thread
12-FEB-2007: Added more download locations. Thanks for uploading TaBsiCore!
08-FEB-2007: Add missing link to Eo. Thanks to xiongie for pointing it out.
30-JAN-2007: Release 3.1b. Replace SB3 Wizzard with new version 0.2a (due to bug in 0.2 beta). Add optional advanced dummy bmp. Fix minor bug.
29-JAN-2007: Release 3.0b. Add SB3 Wizzard v0.2 beta and clothes mod by darkhound to promote his great tool. Make SB3 core translations optional. Fix bug related to Flash installed after Gravure. Fix bug related to Flash exe not being copied correctly.
27-JAN-2007: Add notice about known issue.
21-JAN-2007: Add Megaupload link.
20-JAN-2007: Add radishare link.
17-JAN-2007: Release 2.1b. Squashed a few bugs: Some uncensor files was not installed correctly (thanks to happy321 for reporting), setup is now slightly faster, optional clean up now cleans up, components now show more realistic required space. Add links to all the used mods in this post.
16-JAN-2007: Major update that includes Christmas translation, optional Fei script and Start Menu icons (and a bug fix).
14-JAN-2007: Updated to include latest translations and optionally also install translations for Plus, Gravure and Flash. Now also includes optional uncensor.
30-DEC-2006: Added Megaupload link
25-DEC-2006: Link reestablished due to Christmas.
21-DEC-2006: Link removed due to lamers attempting to destroy hongfire discussions and mod development.
05-DEC-2006: Release beta version 1.1b. Minor bugs corrected.
29-NOV-2006: Change to version without uncensor 1.1a, clean up.




05-22-2010 at 08:13 PM
Thanks I needed these files lol ^^ Im doing a clean install of this game cause the other messed up and is messy
06-22-2010 at 12:51 AM
lol i stll duno hw to extract to gravure or flash or chrismasn edition?can teach me?
07-23-2010 at 01:05 AM
08-10-2010 at 04:00 AM
Low Space in my Disc... T_T
08-25-2010 at 03:15 AM
Thank You, This Will Help.
09-12-2010 at 07:03 PM
thank you !!! ^^
09-15-2010 at 11:41 PM
Thanks man ...
10-20-2010 at 02:43 AM
I have been trying this all day doing everything thats said and every time i get an error message and then the game wont work ive tried using the reg fixer ive changed the name and endlessly i get missing this file or there a character show how. -_- im just about to say screw ill just play it in japanese seems easier at this point
10-24-2010 at 10:32 PM
Hmm you should know that this patch has successfully been used by tens of thousands of guys just like you. Did you try to install the game as described above (in the spoiler)?
12-05-2010 at 11:12 PM
FYI this does not work right if moding with the wizzard if you installed the chrismas add-on. This replaces the sb3_0001.pp and the sb3x_1001.pp from the chrismas add-on with a modded sb3_0000.pp and sb3x_1000.pp that does not include chrismas add-on.
12-06-2010 at 12:21 AM
scratch that^ it seems to be a wizzard problem it's only installing mods for SB3 but not SB3+.
12-25-2010 at 10:23 PM
thank you man ^^
05-01-2011 at 07:08 AM
thank ....
08-04-2011 at 04:21 AM
Thank You Very Much !!! ^^
08-12-2011 at 04:06 AM
Thank you for all your efforts and amazing work.