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Neko Kagome

Wait What?

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My little Pony took over my favorite beat game....why?! That is all.

(Beat game, OSU!)

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  1. Maverick007's Avatar
  2. darkandshadow's Avatar
    I seriously hate that "show". I'll give it props for good animation, and I guess
    just above sub-par VA, but it's just annoying overall.
  3. Rick's Avatar
    ^ Because of the show itself or the fanbase?

    Not that the show is being aired in my country... yet, so I don't have much to say about the it. Guess you should just be glad the bronies seemingly aren't as prominent in here as they are in other places. Know Your Meme comes to mind. Heck, that was where I first heard of the show.
  4. BloodmageR's Avatar
    Haha, you're not making good use of that rant tag. Too short to be a proper rant.

    And for that show it's just that one new song on Osu! with only 10k plays.

    Anime and touhou still own that game with 90% of the beatmaps.

    Also you have to mention what lvl in osu! you are. :3
  5. Neko Kagome's Avatar
    My lvl on OSU is 32 I think :| I still fail in that game.

    ...I got into My Little Pony..WHY!?!??!