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  • your own customized mecha pilot

    Ok so we got a build your own customized mecha. so i though of making it complete with a customized mecha pilot :d

    like what kind of race will the your pilot be.

    or what gender boy or girl or somthing.

    hair ,eye color .

    mecha pilots background.

    anything special that will separate the pilot from normal mecha pilot like it his NEWTYPE skills or the pilot has heightened senses cuz its been threw certain training or properly your customized mecha pilot can be a cyborg or something ya know what im saying.
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    name: Oda Setsuna
    body complexion:athletic
    mind traits:insane,unstable,violent when provoked.usually calm, and loner.
    genetical background:experiment N#4567-HEG7-FES234549, failure
    training Background:extensive insertion via Neuro Enhancement and Mind Controlling techniques of information regarding the following subjects.

    - Mechanical Engineering
    - Close Combat ( hand to hand)
    - Close Combat (swords)
    - Close Combat (axes)
    - Close Combat (ninja weapons:kunai,kama,ninja-to,kodachi,claws.)
    - Ranged Combat (Machine Guns)
    - Ranged Combat (Rifles)
    - Human Behavior and Relationships
    - Chemistry ( Engineering and Scientist Level)
    - Physics (Scientist and Worker Level)
    - Robotics(basic,intermediate,advanced levels)
    - infiltration (basic,intermediate,advanced levels)

    another programs were in the list of instalation, but the subject showed rejection of the data inserted in his brain and brought serious complications that later emerged as mental unstability and madness, it seems that in the moment the program was installing the parameters a virus inyected by the rebelious faction, Red Dawn, corrupted the computer main frame and all the series which were in process of data installation were corrupted, we dont know what kind of data was installed or what kind of "adoctrination" was inplanted, all subjects of the HEG7 series must be terminated. end of the report.

    Historical Background:

    Oda is a Weird one, while others call him insane, because most of the times when he pilots his Mech he enters in a frenzy and enjoys the battle to the point that he collect the head of other Mechs he destroys, only if the Oponent is strong Enough. most of the Time Silent, he just sits patiently waiting for another battle, how he ended up in the Red Dawn faction, or why he helps them is a mystery, some even say that he only does it because he enjoys the bloodshed. little is know of how he survived the termination of the entire HEG7 series, there are reports of others, but Setsuna does not care, its as if he does not have a clear Goal or Dream, only live the day to day to fight. its the only thing that gives him thrill, and the chance to kill the director of the HEG series proyect, for a extrange reason.

    there it is, how is that for 10 mins of tipying.

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      name: Shun Asagiri
      age: mid 20's
      body complexion:Normal Built
      Traits: Loner, pesimissive, sarcastic and mostly hot tempered
      genetical background:Reactivated=Forsythe Labs genome project code 001 N-Type

      Training Background:Tokyo Self Defense Navy Institute(student),Yosemite Research Institute(transfer),UNSF(Lt. Colonel),Forsythe Labs (psychic reasearch test subject)

      Intel-Ops, Stealth Missions, Espionage, Sabotage and Explosives Expert


      Asagiri Shun had extensive backgrounds on military activities during his active duty. A former Lt. Colonel he was awarded several honors and he was nicknamed the, "Deathbringer" and "The Divine Exploding Fist" due to his special abilities by piloting XGN-023S Carpentius custom and destroying enemy ships and installations by explosive devices armed in his specialized Mech.

      He was killed when he and his family were in a cruiser ship heading to mars. The cruiser was believed to be sabotaged by the terrorist group, Martian Anti-Earth Freedom Organization (MAFO)

      During the Tragic Incident, he was the only one who survived it all, unfortunately he suffered fatal injuries which led him into his demise, His body was immediately sent to Forsythe Labs and was conducted an experiment by combining "Lazarus project" and "Genome Astra project"

      During his stay in Forsythe Labs his body mass increased by 3% his IQ from a 950 excelled to 2500 acquiring new skill that we call N-type (NeuroTransrecieverSystem) which is a powerful neurological ability to quickly determine an ally or for and it also acts as a radar.

      Currently He is now MIA, He escaped from Forsythe Labs due to a rumored special project which concerns on mind controlling N-Types.

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        name: Ai construct 7806
        age: estimated 22
        gender: nil
        body complexion:nil
        Traits: caculative, sometimes bad tempered but highly efficient
        genetical background: Human genome replicated quantum Intelligence

        Training Background: Internet/video feeds via hi speed networks.

        Unknown , the more missions it gets, the better it learns on that type.

        Profile: Literally a human machine interfaced intelligence, it can hack into other machines during battle and learn from its opponents, even taunting them to agitate their aggressiveness.An entity on its own, it "controls" units or assists them to get the mission done . Its favourite quote is" I'm humanity in a soda can and Satan in the bubbles."


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          Name: Mark "Dogtag" Mullins
          Eyes: Greenish blue
          Hair: US military standard haircut, black
          gender: Male
          Body: Standard built
          Traits: Foul mouth at times, kind to civilians but harsh to squad and enemies.
          Genetical Background: Human, but is later to be reveal to be a NEWTYPE, with the abilities to sense other Newtypes and to learn faster than most humans.
          Training Background: eight year Military Training from the United Earth Forces that rivals most United States Military training.
          Specialties: A fast learner, and an expert in camouflage, Close Quarters Combat, and disarming bombs.
          Profile: A soldier from the former United States, Mark Mullins and his squad became one of the UEF's top ranking teams. During a mission, the transport was attacked by Neo-Zeon forces. Taking shelter in a wearhouse, he accidentally enter a prototype Gundam. With the defeat of the enemy forces, and the realization of the Zeon Zakus-2 models, Mark pilots the Gundam to hopefully end the war once and for all.
          Bonus Info:
          named the gundam Dogtag.
          Colors: Desert camo
          Looks similar to the Rx-78 gundam that Amuro Ray pilots.