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  • Gundam 00 : the MOVIE

    As requested by 105xSTRIKER: ive made this xD.

    As some of us may already known, the movie of gundam 00 will be coming out in sometime during 2010. Most of us mite known if we were watching the last episode of 00 and at the end, it was announced then that the movie was coming out. Back then we only knew the WAS going to be a movie, but now, there's PICS xD.... pic are provided by 105xSTRIKER, and thx goes to him =). feel free discuss. i know i can't wait till it comes out xD.
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    Coming out in October 2010 x.x

    Copy Pasta from another thread on the same subject.

    Wow. At first I didn't really like the Quanta, but after seeing that screencap I'm a whole new fanboy. xP

    I'm really liking Tieria's new Gundam. I wonder what all that stuff around it is. My guess would probably armor judging from the "core" looking red piece coming off from one of the pieces. It also seems to be very slim and aggressive at the same time. Reminds me of the GP02.

    Another guess is that it might be some sort of GN Arms/ Or something as simple as Hangar space around it, but I doubt it seeing as the Ptolemy has a relatively simple launch deck.

    Originally posted by TenguSan
    105xSTRIKER just asked me to comment on this thread


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      Sorry for double post. But, URGENT NEWS.

      Yes. Here be some more stuff for those interested!




      Originally posted by TenguSan
      105xSTRIKER just asked me to comment on this thread


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        nice pics xD


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          Hmm....I see there is no mentioning of the PV yet:

          Just think about the day they will appear in SRW series....


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            I just so it yesterday and I can tell you, you can't stop watching it until the end. The storyline seems classic, but the fight are marvelous and desesperate. On the default, I would say that we see the 00-Quanta ability only for one battle and not for long. Too bad.


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              I wonder if there'll be a model kit of the last 00, the one on the flower field. Is there a name for it? I can't remember it right now....
              I think it'll make great visual for a collection.
              what you guys think?