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    Massive Male Plus What do we know about the Kama Sutra? Many will answer that this is the Old Indian treatise, which describes a large number of poses for sexual intimacy. However, the Kama Sutra is a fundamental work of love, in which the description of sexual positions takes only a small part. The meaning of the Kama Sutra is in the cultivation of feelings of love and respect between spouses. Sex is the “divine unity”, the highest point of love. How many poses in the Kama Sutra? In the classical Kama Sutra 64 poses are described. Its author claimed that there are eight ways to make love, and each method is diversified by eight positions. Progress does not stand still, and nowadays 64 poses of the Kama Sutra have been supplemented by several dozens more. Currently known "Kama Sutra for homosexuals", "Kama Sutra for motorists" and even "Kama Sutra in the office." Who should study the Kama Sutra in more detail? Nevertheless, it is worth remembering that a variety of poses is useful, first of all, for spouses who have been married for several years. New sensations can not only deliver a lot of pleasant moments, but also stir up feelings and, thus, strengthen conjugal love. What could be dangerous Kama Sutra? Many of the postures described in the treatise can only be performed by well-trained people with good physical training. As a result of a recent study, it turned out that only forty poses can be used by unprepared lovers. Trying to repeat the puzzling pose, you and your partner risk serious injury: dislocations of the limbs, neck and spinal injuries, as well as injuries to the genitals. What are the most popular poses from the Kama Sutra? A sociological survey showed that most often couples try poses that enable the so-called "deep penetration." This is due to the existence of the eternal "size problem". In the event that a man’s sexual organ is not too large, certain positions described in the Kama Sutra will help a man to penetrate deeper into a woman and deliver both herself and her considerable pleasure.