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  • R1 re-releases: thin cases

    So a couple months ago I was browsing around Media Play and I saw a boxed set for Noir. It was about an inch thick and had 4 thin disc cases in a setup similar to many American TV show releases. It was also only $80. I hadn't really thought Noir was worth buying, but I briefly considered it, then shrugged and moved on.

    When I heard Last Exile was getting an R1 release, I rushed out to the store to buy it. Then over the next couple of months I finished the series, at $20-30 a disc for 7 discs. Then a few weeks ago I was at Media Play again and saw another thin box set of the whole series for like $90. Less than half of what I put into the series, and it only takes up about a 3rd of the shelf space (I don't have a lot of shelf space).

    I downloaded Abenobashi and really enjoyed it, so on a whim bought the first two discs (on sale for $20 each). Then it looked like they were going out of print (as Media Play and Best Buy stopped restocking them), so I spent $60 and bought the last two discs. The other day I was again at Media Play and saw a thin box set for $45. Half the price and takes up half the space.

    Noir and Abenobashi are released by ADV, but Last Exile is Geneon, so it seems that multiple companies are doing this.

    I'm starting to get conflicted now though. My fiancee really likes the Super Gals series, and so I've bought her the first two discs of that (along with the box to hold them in) but now I see on ADVs website that they're releasing the whole thing in a nice little case for $50. Which is probably about half of what I'd spend on the rest of the series. Of course, that means I've bought some of the discs twice, but what are you going to do?

    Does anyone know what is going on with these re-releases? Are there only certain shows that will be recased? Can I expect most series to be re-released after the initial release run is finished? Does anyone know where I can find out what series are being released this way (I'm not so good at keeping up on R1 releases)?

    I'm trying to decide now if I should continue buying the series that I've started (I have 2 discs of Madlax, and the first disc of the new Eva release), or if I should wait until the thin set comes out and just buy that (since it would be cheaper than finishing the series). Also for stuff that I mean to buy but haven't started yet (like Kodocha and Elfen Lied), should I wait until I can get the whole thing for cheap and where I won't be fighting to find space on the shelf for it? Of course, how long will I have to wait then? Are they even going to be released this way? And of course, then what do I do with these series for which I have the first disc? And what about the series that I kinda liked, but not necessarily enough to buy (say, the first season of Gantz)?

    Just fishing for information on how to spend my money And I do want to buy the stuff, because I like watching it in full quality on the TV and I want to support the industry and all that.

    PS: Please excuse my taste in anime.

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    Geneon and ADV has been pumping out bunch of thinpack collections at budget price recently. You should check the official ADV and Geneon websites if you want more info.

    As for the series they are releasing this way, they seem to either pick very popular shows that has been on the American market for at least around 2 years (Noir, Azumanga Daioh) -OR- shows that has been released in fairly recent times but didn't sell as well as the distributors expected (i.e. Chrono Crusade, Peace Maker Kurogane).

    You might as well go out and buy the thinpacks if you own 1 or 2 discs of a 6, 7 DVD set. But Madlax isn't even finished being released individually (I think it's up to 4 now or something?), so if I were you I would just finish buying all the discs. And you can't always hope that your favorite show will be re-released as thinpack sets. And the final disc of Elfen Lied just came out two weeks ago, so I could pretty much guarantee that it won't become a budget box set for at least another year or so.

    But if you have a collector's box to go with your individual DVD, that's whole another issue also. I personally think it's much nicer to have the original collector's box with all the initially released discs. But if you have stringent budget constraint, you might as well just sell what you have and buy the thinpack set. I actually plan to sell my "Neo Ranga" box set (for several reasons) and replace it with the thin pack release that just came out.

    The only thing I would be worried about is the video compression with some of the releases, as some of them are contained on fewer number of DVD discs. Azumanga Daioh, for example was originally released across 6 DVD's. In the thinpack, 26 episodes are contained in 5 DVD's instead. Although I haven't seen any noticeable difference in the quality, you might as well take that into account if you're a videophile. And I don't know much about any of the Geneon thinpacks, but the ADV releases are basically the bare bone packages with no extras and simpler redesigned menu.