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Magikano (Try this new series out if you haven't :)

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  • Magikano (Try this new series out if you haven't :)

    Offical Site:

    name: Magikano

    Gen: Comedy, Magic, Love

    I just watched EP 1 to EP4 today in 1 go. And started to like this series alot.

    Normally I don't watch Oni Chan animes anymore because there are too many of them and starting to get boring. But this Magikano is abit different.

    It about love, Magic, some action, And comedy.

    So I started to like this series. I suggest you guys should try it out as well. You might like it. Don't miss such good series.

    I noticed not many people know about this series yet. I didn't know it's this good until i got sometime to watch some raws I haven't watch today, as soon as I watched ep 1 I couldn't stop ended up watched all the way to ep 4 now getting ep5 raw
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    id be getting 4 and 5 RAW but my connection is not really all that good after the whole wind+rain storm like thing


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      love and comedy . This is just sooo my type!


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        Very good series so far. The facial expressions of the characters are wicked (Dokuro-chan style)
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          I especially liked their moaning when they take of each others "memories" for their story :>


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            The whole show looks very generic and boring to me.. i gave up acquiring this after the opening.. bleh.. i stick with my Karin thank you.

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              Suzuran// i think u got magikano and kagihime monogatari mixed up..

              anyway, i think this series is OKAY, nth special about it, nth so bad about it..yet lol i'll keep watching until...well until it gets worse lol


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                One of the funniest series currently aired IMO. It's pretty good if you just want some laughs, I guess.

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                  laff Im mixing it the whole time with kagihime. okay back to magikano ;p well its funny indeed but after a while i got bored because its nothing new.


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                    Watched ep1,but I give up,not my kind of show,for romance and comedy I prefer Kashimashi,and for magic Fate/Stay Night and Mai-Otome
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                      I thought it was good, nice characters and funny but the story is nothing new.


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                        Ive already sceen this so many times <the translations by anime~U and RAWS.>
                        its so funny.
                        I love this type of series.
                        Geeky guys get tons of girls.
                        if you like this get "Kage kara Mamoru!" or Maburaho. you'll get tons of laughs out of those series.
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                          I think the drawing is better than karin as well as the story. Sometimes i feel karin is abit boring. No good laughs. but this one has.

                          Also magikano is abit ecchi too.

                          Personally i would rate this over the other same type anime that's being aired right now. I am watching others still but i think this one is better.
                          What screen resolution are you using in 2016?


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                            Funny, I like Karin a lot better. Magikano just seems like Galaxy Angels do harem comedy. I just sat through the first four episodes and didn't see anything even remotely original. And I have a hard time seeing anybody who doesn't skip the credits thinking this is more ecchi than Karin, either.

                            For the high points, the designs are very appealing and visual effects are good. The slapstick humor is extremely funny in places, though a bit repetative and predictable in others. A bit ecchi, but if they haven't showed anything graphic yet, they won't later, either, unless the ratings take a hit and they get desperate. Animation is good and so is the music, though both OP and ED themes are average at best. More a parody of a harem romance than an actual one. Looks like a fun ride with a lot of laughs, but not much real depth. Will probably turn a little more serious later, but should stay funny. Watch it if you like slapstick humor with slightly ecchi magical girl harem themes. Should be plenty of fun, but will have to go a long way to be put alongside the classics of the genre.

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                              there arent much good anime shows been release this year that catches my eye. only the 6 episode series that came out late january the name is too long but its subbed by more than 2 anime subbers that i been watching. kasimasi was okay but i had an impression that its similar to the anime called peto petosan so i stop watching it.