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  • Anime genre based Flash (good)

    Its pretty damn impressive for an anime flash. Not to mention... I think the whole story is self made unless someone can prove me wrong.

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    LOL! So very cute!

    i love it man!

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      Meh, it's OK. Aside from the big eyes & Japanese voice-overs, it just seems more like a South Park than anime. I dunno, it's still missing that anime essence, but a good flash nonetheless.


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        aye gotta agree with Boing on this :d thou overall was good except for the speaches they were rather..... dull I guess no emotions in em and in the begining u could hardly hear what she was saying with all the soundeffects in the background taking her voice out


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          It was alright...nothing spactacular though...not much plot. But the voiceovers and the rabbit were cool. Use of Mahoromatic Season 1 sound effects definitely a nice touch.

          Definitely more a SouthPark of anime =P
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            It's a pretty cute short. Didn't have problems with the audio like some other people have (check your mixer settings if you can't hear the people talking...)

            They did get an actual Japanese-speaking person to read the script, which was good -- of course, she didn't actually do the exaggerated speech patterns that professional voice people in Japan usually does, so it does sound less "cute" than "normal". Then again, I don't think that's what they were trying to do -- if you look at real kids' anime in Japan, which there aren't many examples of... lemme see.. Ah. Dogtato-kun subbed by the Triad, you'd see that her speech patterns matches that pretty closely -- slow, clearly enunciated, and any emotions in the script are pretty understated.

            Definitely want to see more of the series, since the premise has some promise...


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              The animation style and seiyuu are pretty good. Good humour too. I kept thinking of the poems when I heard the Mahoromatic background music.
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                Not bad, however I already saw it about 6+ months ago.

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