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Speaking of huge StarShips (Macross / Starwars) dimensions..

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  • Speaking of huge StarShips (Macross / Starwars) dimensions..

    Speaking of large star ships (Macross/Robotech Type) dimensions...

    This site is intended to allow science fiction fans to get an impression of the true scale of their favourite science fiction spacecraft by being able to compare ships across genres, as well as being able to compare them with contemporary objects with which they are probably familiar.

    Apparently, it turns out that the Macross SDF-1 Fortress isn’t as massive as it looks in the series, especially compared to some of the other Starwars ships or Zendraedi flagships. Even the Trade Federation carrier droid battleship is larger!
    I wonder how they managed to fit a city of 60000 people inside the SDF-1 it?!

    Surprisingly, the Bodolza/ Zentraedi Mobile Command Base, is much larger than the Star Wars Death Star II!
    But what I find shocking is Unicron’s size! In the grid he looks larger than Bodolza’s Command Base, the Death Stars & the ID4 mother-ship put together!
    Also, I never new that the ID4 Mothership was Mushroom shaped!

    By far, it's the best site of its kind!
    It would have been perfect if it had the Starwars Trade federation (Invisible Hand), Techno Union & Banking Class star ships.

    These images are not the right scale by the way, they should be viewed in the gridded home site.

    And here are some impressive Star Trek Ships schematics:

    Executor-class Star Dreadnoughts
    (“Super Star Destroyers”)
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    yea its always a mystery on how macross can hold 60000 people

    the largest anime ship isnt show in the site though, the 70470 m Eltorium from Top Wo Nerae! the biggest mech, Gunbuster and the biggest ship Eltorium, still hold the record after 17 years.

    Eltorium only loses in size to the 74km 'Whale Probe' from Star Trek IV according to the site, i dont watch star trek so i have no idea wat is it. edit: also loses out to the zentrendi ship of, death star with a radius of 160km and the alien ship from independance day with 800km

    but if the space monsters from Top Wo Nerae can be counted as ships, the 'mother ship' class has a diameter of 1000km.

    in episode 5 of Top Wo Nerae 2, theres this space monster thats so large, it probably has more mass than our entire solar system, yes planets + moons +sun + asteroids/comets.
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