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Madlax vs Noir

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  • Madlax vs Noir

    Well, i like them both

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    Madlax or Noir? The answer is... yes.
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      noir was ok abit weired and slow. madlax first ep was good then end up slowed down abit. tho i am not quite sure now coz i only watched few eps and didn't have time to watch more.
      What screen resolution are you using in 2016?


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        only watched the first two episodes of madlax. doesn't look to interesting and the fact that the girly no 1 dresses up in a nightgown in the middle of a jungle, just so she can shoot guns more elegantly (i.e. without even looking) sucks.

        Noir, well, nice action. The only REALLY REALLY good part about noir was the soundtrack by yuki kajiura. Madlax soundtrack is so-so.


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          I never watched noir so i cant say but plz give madlax another chance it gets better after a few eps. the first and second is a little weird and i agree that the animators could have done a better beginning.


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            Agreed. Once the story starts to come together, Madlax gets quite good. Yuki Kajiura did the soundtrack for it as well... give it another listen.
            - 萩尾望都、.hack//SIGNより


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              Originally posted by DirtyFinger
              the fact that the girly no 1 dresses up in a nightgown in the middle of a jungle, just so she can shoot guns more elegantly (i.e. without even looking) sucks.
              Funny, that's one of the things that I liked about Madlax

              I haven't watched any Noir so I can't make an informed comment about it.
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                Noir is a chicks-with-guns anime located in france. The heroines are assassins, one of them looks 14 years old and is amnesiac. And a crackshot, of course.
                The name Noir is usually given to a special pair of assassins of a secret organization called Soldats (which is neither a french, german or english word, although it probably was supposed to be german), but they called themselves like that for the same reason others call themselves Zelda or Conan. Of course it turns out they are connected to Soldats, else there wouldn't be much point to it.
                Story ? Plot ? Well, kinda, but it's really a bit shallow, although they try to hide that behind the Great Conspiracy scenario. Think soap opera with assassins and plenty of action which is usually very well choreographed. I really recommend the first episode for the I'm-such-a-cool-sad-killer-babe factor.

                Top notch soundtrack, I can't repeat that often enough.
                Try 'Salva Nos' for hmm, hard to describe, gothic industrial,
                'Le grand retour' for a powerful piece of esoteric world music,
                'Gensou Rakuen' or 'Lullaby' or beautiful ballads and
                'Canta per me' for, er, something different.


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                  well both of them are made by the same director, same voice insert company and most important is both ost are made by the same person Yuki Kajiura.


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                    ok, between Noir and madlax, i would choose Noir. Though there are pretty similar to one another, Noir gets my vote because:

                    - Better stylish action (and mroe of them)
                    - Better told story (at the moment, im up to episode 19 of Madlax)
                    - Better characters (i was mroe interested in Mirielle's background more than Madlax's)

                    however, Madlax does beat up Noir in several factors, mainly being:

                    - Very few flashbacks
                    - Faster pacing

                    atm, Noir over Madlax... oh and kirika is sexy

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                      *adds Noir to shopping list* Thanks for the info, guys
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                        Madlax 21 and 22 out..hip hip hurray


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                          Madlax 23 out...hip hip hurray again


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                            "Cute anime/manga girls should only stick with other cute girls"

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                              Flashbacks are one of the best things in Noir. Perfect made

                              Well, it's hard to describe it for me (especially in english ), but I will try because Noir is my favorite anime.
                              I like personalities of Noir's characters. Their behavior, decisions (many of them very difficult and sad) and causes for it. Plot is most a background for that for me.
                              Qeustions as if merciless killing of guilty peoples is ok, or to be precise if hartred can save peoples.
                              Flashbacks, soundtrack and "free" time to enjoy it and think about it (I see it as plus, not as bad thing).
                              If I have to make a summary, I love Noir's feeling.

                              At the other side, I don't like parts where is too much action and/or corpses (I don't like action at all).

                              But I don't know Madlax, if it's similar I will try it of course

                              Edit: I found info about Madlax, it seems it's similar most in parts what I don't like, or I'm wrong ? /
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