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  • Just watched the first episode of Shuumatsu Nani Shitemasu ka? Isogashii desu ka? Sukutte Moratte Ii desu ka? and like to state that if it dares to kill off a female character... that yeah, well, it sure will be the most hypocritical title this season if not year and would beat Re:Creators even though it may quite also become a good contender. Breaking the 4th Wall, having Genre Savy characters and writing meta-fiction well is something very few can do if it ain't just for comedy.

    Drama must be immersive and such will easily break such if the reader will be upset about a mistake the author made when they should have been very well aware that such is a common and significant flaw in writing. Tropes are a double-edged sword, those who are known to be effective are not, often appealing to emotion and as soon as you disregard reason one will be left with a terribad work.

    One point I always tend to find disgusting how racism is thrown around (there is also another anime this season...) and actually marginalized. Most people who are "racist" are for a reason, have a reason and are not just mean because they like to be.

    On a side note, since there is also another awful work in the making and not long ago another anime did that... yeah, you can't just kidnap and mistreat children and try to get some vague benefit after investing billions. Arbitrary superpowers sure do not help either when those always somehow work against the "good".

    I really tried to give some more anime a try given that the current season is low on the soothing side but I am afraid I am going to regret that. By this time Tanya already had shown to be promising which it kept... and that was not even the fully detailed work, actually the first anime by the by I re-watched mid season. This season I will probably read many more visual novels to soothe my soul, maybe I will also find some good and immersive drama there.

    Edit: After watching Episode #2 SukaSuka I'm so very close to just say "duck it", arbitrary magic my ass, top it off with being able to just overwrite anyone's survival instinct (including avoiding and soothing pain) some duckling how and there we go, you could not possible write more forced drama unless on adds more and more magic and stupidity. It might be hopeless already considering that they got themselves into the situation of "damned if you do, damned if you don't" where they must kill of characters but should not. My bet is am on that stoic girl by the by, she so dead.
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