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Dragonball Z Special (Tarble-Vegeta's brother)

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  • Dragonball Z Special (Tarble-Vegeta's brother)

    I got a question, anyone seen that DBZ special of Tarble on youtube? Like I know its not dubbed but its subbed in english and it looks funny as hell, but I dont know where to go to watch the full episode or if there is more then 1 episode? Anyone know what I am talking about

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    Originally posted by Shinlock View Post
    Anyone know what I am talking about
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      ok....that was a bit freaky with the laugh lol, but thats not the episode


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        Interesting. Do you have any sauce?


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          Sauce??? What does sauce have to do with the episode?


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            He means source, like a clue or something to go on. "Sauce" is a silly thing you see on imageboards, used instead of "source".
            Did you know, there are three kinds of aces? Those who seek strength, those who live for pride, and those who can read the tide of battle...those are the three.


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              Oh xD , not sure if I am allowed to put up youtube links or not, thats the link, its called Vegeta's Brother Tarble, but I cant seem to find the actual episode name or where its from.
              Also if I am not allowed to post links, my apologies, new to the forum
              So anyone know the episode and if there is anymore and where I can watch them?
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