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  • Anime Saimoe Tournament 2007

    Yes, it's that time of year.
    Express your definition of "moe" with votes!!

    For those who are new to Saimoe, it is an annual tournament held by 2ch (Japanese forum website) between June and October to decide who the moest(?) anime character is. It started in 2001, and in 2004 it was a couple of hundreds votes at most per battle, but it grew rapidly, and by 2006 the championship battle collected almost five thousands votes.

    Current list of Anime Series (In JP/Incomplete)
    Current list of characters (In JP/Incomplete)


    The First Primary:
    Each character is assigned to one of 18 groups randomly.
    You choose 10 characters at most from each group in the first primary.
    Top eight characters in each group will automatically go on to the tournament. (In case of having more than 8 characters due to tie, all will go on.)
    Between 9th and 32nd will move to the second primary.
    The Second Primary:
    Each character is assigned to one of 9 groups randomly.
    You choose 6 characters at most from each group in the second primary.
    Top 16 characters in each group will go on to the tournament. (If there are more than 16 characters because of same votes, all will go on as well.)
    From the first round in the tournament, you can only choose one character in each battle.
    The Main Tournament:
    From the main tournament, you can only vote on one character per group.


    Small warning. Pics here are from 2006 and may have small differences.
    First make sure your browser accept cookie.
    1. Get a vote code
      1. Go here.
      2. You see this.
      3. You click the link seen in the pic above.
      4. You see this.
        • It takes at least 2 hours to issue the vote code (it's instant if you use cellphone but I haven't done this, so I have no clue how to do it.) So come back after specified time in the pic above.
        • DO NOT RESTART YOUR MODEM OR ANYTHING THAT RESET YOUR IP ADDRESS! Or you may have to go through same process again from beginning and wait another 2 hours.
      5. Go back after specified time.
      6. You see this.
        • Your vote code is only good for that day.
      7. You copy your vote code seen in the pic above.
      8. Now you have to get the list of entries. The link to all names of character you can see in the pic above has been removed. It was from 2006, but you can find them here. It is in Japanese. I'll try my best to provide those lists with English translated name along with them and post them here. So you can find names of characters you like to vote and just copy 'n paste Japanese part. (You have to use Japanese entry names for your vote to be valid.)
        Don't forget to copy << and >> parts. Those are needed, or your vote will be invalid without them.
    2. Vote
      1. Now that you have your vote code and names of characters, go here.
      2. You should see many links. Find "アニメ最萌トーナメント2007 投票スレRoundXX." It says "Anime Saimoe Tournament Voting Thread Round XX" XX should be some number. You need to go to the highest number. Threads with lower number are already reached the limit and closed.
      3. Once you enter the thread, go to the end of the thread, and you paste your vote code and your votes like you see in the pic below.

      4. Click the button to send it. (Be careful when the latest post number is near 1000. Once it exceeds 1000, it closes and all messages posted after that will be invalid I think.)

    If you find something has changed and this mothod isn't working, please post here so ppl who don't read Japanese can still vote!

    1st Primary
    (07/06~07/11): Part 1
    (07/13~07/18): Part 2
    (07/20~07/25): Part 3
    2nd Primary

    1st Round
    (08/08~08/15): Part 1
    (08/21~08/28): Part 2
    (08/30~09/06): Part 3
    (09/08~09/15): Part 4

    2nd Round
    (09/17~09/24): First Half
    (09/26~10/03): Last Half

    3rd Round

    4th Round





    IMO this year's tournament should be very interesting and intense.
    Two series (Rozen Maiden series and Magical Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha series) that had been dominating Saimoe Tournament past a few years will certainly be back.
    But Rozen Maiden Ouverture had only two episodes and may not be enough to get new fans (except for maybe Suigintou). And lolitic(?) Nahona and her friends have grown up and that may hurt their popularity?

    Most last year's strong champ contenders will be back.
    Shana is back (Shana vs. Louis of Zero no Tsukaima vs. Nagi of Hayate the Combat Butler!?? ) and so is Strawberry Panic.
    Others that will be back are Utawarerumono, ARIA, Higurashi no Nakukoro ni, Mi-Z-HiME, Ichigo Mashimaro, Simoun, Kashimashi, etc, etc.

    There had been alot of new anime series with moe characters to grab votes away from those veteran characters.
    Negima!?, Manabi Straight! Hidamari Sketch, Otome wa boku ni koishiteru, Lucky Star, Tokimeki Memorial, Akazukin, Zero no Tsukaima, Kamichama Karin, etc, etc.
    (I'm sure you can name more. Oh yes you can! )

    I wonder how they will do against veterans.

    So before real battle starts, who do you think will win?
    Will veterans hold on new comers and stay on top or will new comers get their moment to shine?
    (I know it's almost impossible to predict, but hey it's for fun )

    Anyway, the battle should start sometimes in July.

    Anime Saimoe Tournament 2004
    Anime Saimoe Tournament 2005
    Anime Saimoe Tournament 2006
    HongFire Anime Saimoe Tournament 2006 Thread
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    Posting in legendary thread

    If I had not a worry in the world, my life would revolve as such:

    1) Follow Saimoe and see any shows I missed with moe charas
    2) Watch those shows for the next year
    3) Repeat

    Wouldn't that be grand?


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      I just checked who is allowed to join Saimoe2007 from Happiness!


      Jun-nyan isn't there T.T


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        That's tricky territory.
        Don't forget that the entries for Happiness is on 18th, so maybe someone'll try to add his(?) name in the list.
        But I doubt that he'll be in the list though since he is male in anime afterall no matter how cute he is...
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          Even if Jun's name isn't there I'm still going to vote for Jun to enter the tournament.
          I'm sure many other people will do this too.


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            Oh I was totally misunderstanding this "entry" thing.
            I thought this was to make sure there's little chance of missing characters in the list by accepting entries from fans, so you don't have to vote on characters that are already in the list.
            But I was complete wrong. Even if they're in the list, if no one put in the entries, they'll be eliminated before a preliminary election starts. Sorry for confusion.
            So must nominate!!! Ogino-san from Genshiken didnt get nominated in the first entry!!!
            She is my favorite so i gotta nominate her!

            Originally posted by AnimeChickLover View Post
            I just checked who is allowed to join Saimoe2007 from Happiness!

            Jun-nyan isn't there T.T
            Hmmm, I think he (or she???) may be in.
            Check this "Entry Character List" out. His (Her) name is blue which I believe means it was accepted.


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              It doesn't matter who's in because Kona-chan's going to take all the votes.
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                ^ Damn right. Though I'm personally wishing Kagami would be tops, I think Konata has a better chance against Saimoe titans Fate and desu-desu.
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                  Personally, I don't think Kanon, Manabi, and Hidamari should be taken lightly.
                  Short-haired Ayu-ayu in the last episode was pure cuteness.
                  I also loved catty mouth of Mikan-chan in Manabi Straight!
                  And Yuno-chan and Yoshinoya-sensei in Hidamari Sketch.


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                    ^ Truth. AIR didn't fare so badly when it was included. AFAIK, Kanna got 2nd or 3rd amirite? I'd think Kanon can achieve similar results.
                    I also think Hidamari is a force to reckon with, maybe in the league of ARIA. Miyako~!!
                    Manabi, I didn't notice much to comment. Momo is pure win though.
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                      Sola chars. I think are also a nice contenders....


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                        It seems popularity of Rozen Maiden is still strong. But this time it's Suigintou's time to shine thanks to her leading role in OVA.
                        I'm not much of Suigintou fan, so it's hard to say, but I'm sure there're some fans here looting for her... right?
                        What category is she in? Gothloli?


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                          A few corrections.... again.

                          Although I said Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuuutsu will be back this year, but I guess I was wrong.
                          Everyone from that series except for one seems to be out.
                          Who is that one person who's in right now? Kyon's little sister's friend.... WTF!?!?!?
                          How could everyone's out but Kyon's little sister's friend?!? I just don't get it.
                          Who is she anyway? Her name is Sa-chan. I don't remember Kyon's little sister had any friends in the series. Does anyone know her?

                          Another correction is that I mentioned that Happiness!'s Jun Watarase is in because his/her name was written in blue, which means he/she was accepted as a valid character, but now they changed it to red, and his gender is under investigation.


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                            Originally posted by chachamaru
                            Very well found ^-^.

                            Originally posted by chachamaru View Post
                            Most last year's strong champ contenders will be back.
                            Shana is back (Shana vs. Louis of Zero no Tsukaima vs. Nagi of Hayate the Combat Butler!?? ) and so is Strawberry Panic
                            Aaaaack... *shudders*! it's Louise.. Louise

                            Vote for Louise~~ every time you vote for her she drops her panties~~

                            Originally posted by orisa View Post
                            It doesn't matter who's in because Kona-chan's going to take all the votes.
                            wow you are right. I think you are definatelly right.


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                              Konata, Tsukasa, Kagami, Miyuki, Akira.

                              im gonna die if either one of this 5 is not on the list >:[

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