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Date on Kiddy Grade 2 ?

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  • Date on Kiddy Grade 2 ?

    The show (One) was a bit basic, but enjoyable, and I'm interested about two...

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    hmm i completely forgot about this. I remember seeing a page on this somewhere before. I'd like to know too


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      hmm, aniDB doesnt have a clue yet either, and from what I understand from the KG2 site is that the first DVD is allready released there (but my jap is really poor, so big chance I got it wrong). anyways, here's the official KG2 site, maybe someone else can get a clue from it.

      and here's the 7 minutes KG2 Pilot torrent.

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        See, when I saw this topic come up on my alert I dared get a little excited, but there is no date yet. The DVD pictured above is the promotional/pilot DVD released last May, which is what that torrent is of (minus the talky bit at the end). For pretty much everything I know, see here.


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          It's best not to keep your hopes so high up. (The project might be trashed/dropped)
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            Well, I believe Gotoh is busy doing something at the moment (from his blog, by the infrequency of updates if nothing else, and by the few words I could decipher from his latest doujin) and I'm not aware of anything else major on his schedule now Gigantic Formula is over, just conte or key animation for single episodes of random series. asread aren't currently down for anything else after Minami-ke Okawari so I've still got hopes for this October.


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              They should still be working on it. Just at the last Comiket 73, there was released a small book detailing the promo trailer I think. Something like that


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                oct 15 2009
                here is the intro manga

                for the shipper in all of us


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         says it is 16th



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                    Here's everything that's Kiddy Grade and related anime/manga/sequel movies

                    I remember back when i first watched this series many years ago, one of my friends found that folder and was like o.O once he saw the title of the folder. Ever since then he's convinced i'm a pedo >.<;