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Will Netflix influence anime?

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  • Will Netflix influence anime?

    Warawara recently read an article on IGN Japan about the presentation on Netflix there. Here is a hyperlink: <>.

    The article is about Netflix coming to Japan and becoming silent for a while about their anime lineup. But, on 2 August 2017, they had a presentation when they showed their new lineup for their anime section. The author of the article wonders how will Netflix affect Japanese animation and the industry, because it seems that Netflix was making contracts with the studios all this time, and with names like Satelight, Bones or Production I.G. They showed a lot of titles that did not seem to become popular titles in Japan. They were rather aimed at Western audience.

    Some creators from the West started to be involved in projects. The article mentions that in some of the projects, Japanese people were responsible only for doing the animation, but the scenario was supplied by a Western creator – examples are Castlevania and Canon Busters. Within the lineup, there are also titles such as a theathrical feature of Saint Seiya, which is not popular in Japan enough to make it into a movie. Since Netflix is not just buying series, but also financially support creation of titles, the author wonders how it will affect the industry in general.

    It mentions the first wave of Japanese animation outside of Japan in the ’70s and ’80s, with titles likes UFO Robot Grendizer; the second wave at the beginning of XXI century (Pokémon, Dragon Ball); and a recent slump that came with illegal file sharing. The author calls it a third wave in terms on Western expansion and that Netflix is trying to make ‘big business’ out of anime. The production quality of the titles they showed was very high.

    The article also mentions there being no nichijou-kei and moe-kei titles in their lineup, which are popular in Japan, and that more than 90% of Netflix users using their anime channels are users located outside of Japan.

    What do you think? Personally, warawara think it’ll flop.
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    These guys have been wanting to get their hands on that customer base for a while now, and having been constantly repelled by the most extreme otaku who keep a strong purist consensus on what anime should be and who should be producing it, they just had to move over to Japan and find an opening that could grant them an advantage in the western market, it has still proven to be quite an uphill battle of attrition, with some financial ventures ending up in complete bail outs, and them actually not knowing much about how the market works on the inside doesn't really helps their cause.

    I for one couldn't care less about Castlevania getting a cheap ass westernized remake that looks like Aeon Flux on crack, but what is this post-truth bullshit about Lisa being "a woman of science"?

    It was Lisa who introduced Count Dracula to the teachings of Christ, and as a result started to read the Bible and pondering about the actual wisdom behind the ways of the mankind (ludicrous, even for that time, trying to convert the Devil from its path of destruction? but a dreamy romantic premise I guess) she was then crucified in and burnt on the stake for bearing the child of the enemy of God, master of unholy and ethically questionable scientific practices, so what is this s***? you don't say, you're gonna change the story to suit your marketing needs? no way in fucking hell I'm just gonna sit here and buy that s***.

    Same problem I had with the Evangelion remake actually, should have been allowed to die in peace after EoE, just like Cowboy Bebop, but that's exactly the problem, it's all a huge marketing stratagem, catering to an audience who don't want them in charge of their content, they don't have anything better to do other than, crawling from beneath the shadow of past glory to snatch a few bucks, now if they instead had the balls to do something that can actually compete against what we did, but no, what you're gonna get is this promotional evangelism praising the virtues of the new and downplaying what was done in the past, because hey, I don't go around saying that comics are not art, and that superheroes are f*****s who wear spandex, and you won't catch me saying it either, I'm better than that.

    But if they need to sink that low to win a few bucks, man, the situation is dire, all I'm saying.

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