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    I like One Piece but I don't like all of One Piece so I have a nack of skipping fifty episodes to find better parts and what not so I'm kinda outta the loop on most things. One thing I want to know and is pretty much the only thing thats bothering me is what ever happened to Luffys friend his idol. The guy who gave him his hat whos arms got eaten off and shit. I saw one part with him and his crew singing and shit so I know hes alive but yeah I picked back up with the battle with the Panda guy heh after they land on the Marine base after being in the sky land place so yeah, inbetween all that is he still alive and shit or did he die along the way?


    Edit: I just thought of something (Just started ep. 381) when Laboon sees him as a skeleton won't he be emocized because yeah hes a skeleton now? maybe even a little untrusting that its really him. REALLY the last three episodes have been being dragged on long enough go bakc to Laboon already >.< ><L<<><><S><fjnklajsfa

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    lol .....
    rest assured, shanks is still very much alive. he won't die so easily he IS one of the worlds strongest pirates after all. he's rumored to be on the same level as whitebeard and used to spar on par with mihawk so ...


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      just cause they dun show him 24/7 dont mean his not anywhere haha

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        lol! he is one of the 3 kings of the sea !!!!!!
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          For things like this the manga might be better to follow than the anime. When they go into those lame filler arcs I feel like skipping fifty episodes myself after all... To be honest there's actually not much attention paid to characters outside of Luffy and his immediate crew though. Guys like Shanks or Ace aren't forgotten thankfully, but it can get frustrating when they're neglected.
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            Crazy, this show is going to surpass Dragon Ball's lenght soon!