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    "Moving the treat"
    *please close*
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    Originally posted by leolost View Post
    Hi People.
    I just Finished an anime series and need a commendation ( hope thats the right word) what to look next.
    The series books mangas and Animes i was confronted with looked like that.
    I link the parts you may not know of are not that popular in my eyes.

    The Last Animes i saw were Cowboy bebop, Lain, Champloo and Wolfes Rain .
    - Mangas: Goth
    - Books: Perry Rhodan "Distant Galaxies",Nochnoi Dozor , The Return Of The Sorcerers from Hohlbein (sorry no link)
    - Watching in the movies. " Watchman" and "Knowing".

    I liked them all in some way (some more then others), yes moust of them where really good.
    And now here is the Problem. *spoiler* They have all quite a tragic and/or dramatic ending.

    Not to get me wrong the ending fit perfectly in all cases, as well as i like deep emotions. In the school some people grinned when i readed Angel Sanctuary course it is a "girls manga" for example.
    I could really need something more "positive + deep + happy ending" before i start with NgE+End of Evangelion what would be next on the "have to see" list. (I know the plot and that it will end in heavy tears ).

    So could someone please help me out!! thanks
    To start off on an entirely out of point note: No it's not commendation.

    Commendation: an official award (as for bravery or service) usually given as formal public statement.

    So unless you want a medal, commendation is NOT for you. The word you want is REcommendation. lol.

    A more pertinent point is to post in the stickied thread that is found at near the top of the list of topics. It is entitled "The "Please Recommend Me An Anime" Thread". Go use that please. I presume you want to watch/read something that is dramatic and/or tragic. I will be more than happy to help you in your quest for greater sorrow if you post in the stickied thread.

    TLR version: To prevent this sub-forum from clogging up (and losing some very important threads), please use the stickied thread marked "The "Please Recommend Me An Anime" Thread".


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      Thanks i am moving the topic.
      and next time if i look up a word from german i read up all possible translations.
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      Matthäus 4,5 *Luther*
      " Selig sind, die geistlich arm sind; denn ihrer das Himmelreich. "