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  • A request for a picture


    I've got a little request:
    Does anybody have this picture:

    (the Fate/Stay Night box set cover image)

    Reps for those who help.


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    Bleh finally. After 130 pages and 2581 saber images on danbooru + a few hundred from my own collection I turned out empty.

    Therefore here's a really crappy shoop and upscale from your image. Even though I scaled it to be kind of practical (I guess you want to print it out as a poster) the quality is still what it is because I didn't have much of a base to work with.

    Oh and even if I did say it's really crappy I still did spend all night shooping it since my skills are below average... meh

    anyway here

    also rs just in case photobucket might have some sort of problem like showing it smaller or something

    inb4 10downloadswat
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      Well, I don't really follow up on figurines so maybe what I am saying may sound stupid but...

      Has that figurine even been released yet? If not I can sort of imagine why we can't find the picture online. I imagine if it did already get released, someone might have scanned it already. In that case, either nobody scanned it because of size or whatnot, or that no one (that posted till now) has found it yet.

      If it hasn't been released yet, well, wait till it gets released and hopefully you will find a picture scan of the box soon enough.


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        Yes she's been out for awhile. Check the back left of this picture.

        The box for the figure does not actually have any picture.


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          Ignore the figure xD
          I need a scan/picture of that DVD box set cover xD

          @Nigger: thnx. Rep 4 ya.



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            Had a look and can't find it either. I think it'll be easier for me to take a photo of one of my figure instead lol


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              ーBRO ( ´ ・ ω ・ ) つ ⊂(・ε・`) FISTー


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                Tried again and still no luck. So here's a couple consolation pic instead...