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[Review] Nichijou (My ordinary life)

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  • [Review] Nichijou (My ordinary life)

    Year: 2011
    episodes: 26
    Genre: Comedy, Slice-of-life
    Studio: Kyoto Animation
    Writer: Keiichi Arawi
    Director: Tatsuya Ishihara
    Music: Yuuji Nomi

    “Life is so meaningless we might as well try to make ourselves extraordinary.”

    –Francis Bacon

    Define your ordinary life. Going to school, walking with friends, doing school work, and rampaging through the hallway while being chased by a mad buffalo? Well, besides the first three things I’ve mentioned, probably not. Well, this is pretty much what this show all about, things that can make you go “what the hell is going on?!” over and over. It’s either a good thing or a bad thing, depending on who is watching it, or if that person is afraid of buffalos, so to speak. What’s actually funny here is that the title “My ordinary life” is kinda contradicting to the whole show itself. But as they say, what may be bizarre to you may just be ordinary to some. It may be the case for this one.

    Follow the life of Yukko Aioi and her friends as they try to cope with the weirdest of things, even amongst themselves. It’s a slice-of-life comedy show made of all things worthy questions and high disregards yet entertaining in many ways. Welcome to Nichijou, we apologize for the inconvenience.


    It’s your typical comedy anime so expect many distorted faces and overreactions. But this show takes overreactions to a galactic level (note: beyond normal apprehension) since some overreactions even take and entire 5-7 minutes, and that’s just the immediate ones, what more for the chains of reactions and attempted (some successful) physical assaults.
    Besides the crazy overreactions there are those random moments where you will ask yourself if you are still watching the same show or you are in overdose of painkillers (not the ones Michael Jackson use, though) since things happen from out of nowhere. A deer in the yard that the school principal wrestles, a douche riding a goat to school, robot chick that has a ridiculous screw on her back and fire pellets from her right hand, and some random things involving Japanese pastry (that has nothing to do with pastry), all of them may fit in under one damn episode.

    The over the top reactions and randomness is not the only issues here, some jokes are either too deep or highly focused on Japanese culture. This is not bad, in fact there is nothing wrong with introducing these local jokes, but some foreigners of course will not get the joke and gets more confused. The jokes that fall under these contexts need a second look or opinion before some can delve into it as a pun. This is a non-issue for japanese audience but people from outside Japan with no idea about the those jokes may consider it too random to be funny. Cultural relativism may cause a tough break in here, but I applaud KyoAni for taking this risk since it will surely cite some disadvantageous criticisms. No wonder some haters from the internet always doubt the comedy this show can truly deliver, coz they just don’t ‘get it’. I admit I don’t get most of the jokes, but I enjoyed the rest of the show either way.


    Yukko is your ordinary girl with a knack for crazy things. Her friends are Mio, the talented manga artist who has a hissy fit of an angry spartan, and Mai, the talented sculptor who has a tendency to troll everybody. Among the other characters are Nano, the robot girl who wants to be acknowledged as an ordinary girl all her life, and her creator who’s aptly named “professor”, the smart yet annoying midget who invents the weirdest of things yet still acts her age. Don’t forget Sakamoto-san, the impolite talking cat with an ego of a jobless runt (what do you expect of a freeloader anyway?)

    These characters make a lovable bunch and you will love them more with each episode.
    As for the rest of the cast, they also stand out in some episodes too since each of them have bizarre traits that make them recognizable. Rarely do we see a show where we have concerns for the side characters and how they interact with each other for the rest of the series. Freaks or otherwise, there is plenty to see here and love.


    I have nothing much to say, music-wise. The opening themes fit the show exquisitely and the ambient sounds with each and every episode are okay. I just find the ending themes quite lacking. The first ending theme is cute but the later ones get a bit too random. I may be spoiled with other KyoAni shows where the music shows extreme relevance, but since this is another comedy show, it’s forgivable. There is an insert song in one episode that made it really interesting though, I give a high notice on that one.

    Art and Animation:

    The overall art of the show is based on the manga, which is cute but somehow problematic when it comes to the animation part. Oftentimes the show resort to exaggerations just to indicate actions, but these tend to get overused that we get the notion that they cut off the budget for the animation parts. This, of course, is a bad thing, especially for KyoAni standards. The background art is amazing though, the details of certain landscapes are very intricate. Pity we can only appreciate them in “break time moments” that the show carefully places in between each segment.

    Voice Acting:

    The cream of the crop of what this show has to offer. All of the cast, even the minor characters, bring so much life to their roles that we can recognize each an every one of them with our eyes closed. Minoru Shiraishi is a special mention since he made a talking cat look like a vital character with his flamboyance and douchebaggery. KyoAni truly knows how the make the most out their seiyuus.


    Not one of KyoAni’s best but surely an unforgettable show for those who can appreciate it. It has encountered some problems like low ratings, poor sales in Japan and overseas and may be a big disappointment for KyoAni fans but it’s a great show wither way. If you want crazy comedy, give this one a shot, you might find it very entertaining. For the rest, you might have second thoughts, but it’s still worth the try.



    Sound and Music:



    Fun factor:

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    Nichijou is ok, although sometimes it is difficult to understand why some stories are funny...


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      I'm kind of intrigued by the artwork, that cutesyness is appealing to me. Am I wrong to get a little bit of an Azumanga Daioh vibe based on the description? Anyway may very well give this show a look some day
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        It was good to see. I lole hard almost every episode and made clear that even everyday problems can be funny even if you add a little "spice"
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          Azumanga daioh was pleasant to watch, but for the whole series i was either going like this: (-.-) or this (O.o) but not like this : (^o^)
          Anyways, i knew what it was going to be expected because i was frankly unimpressed with the manga's attempt at humour and even though its by Kyoani it didnt add any dazzle to the title at all. And even though Kyoani wanted to less dependent on KEY's titles they should've chosen a better manga, (maybe an actual adaptation of Galaxy Angels or one with a better take on humour).
          Still it kept me from being bored. But i will give it a 2.5/5


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            This anime becomes more fun the more boring your everyday life is.

            For me, this was the BEST comedy anime I've ever seen in my life with Azumanga Daioh taking second.

            (Yes, i did watch lucky star, mayo chiki, K-ON)


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              I liked Azumanga Daioh better... there's something about Nichijou's characters that doesn't get to me.

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                You made a typo btw

                "low ratings, poor sales in Japan and overseas and may be a big disappointment for KyoAni fans but it’s a great show wither way."
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                  Originally posted by hellheaven1987 View Post
                  Nichijou is ok, although sometimes it is difficult to understand why some stories are funny...
                  I agree. A lot of anime seems to suffer from pretty "horrible" comedy these days. Then again, perhaps their aimed crowd is somewhat more specific.


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                    Most anime's sense of humor consists of the japanese word play puns or "coincidence" situations. But Nichijou's humor is very idiosyncratic and when Kyoani announced that their next project was to be the adaptation of the manga, many were left worried as in the actual manga, the "humor" scenes were very.... strange. I applaud Kyoani's efforts in making this anime more humorous than the actual manga. But as expected this anime is suffering from poor BD and DVD sales.


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                      I actually like it :S
                      Immature humor is my thing.
                      the following clip got my interest to watch it.

                      FEEL THE PAIN


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                        Originally posted by Haika View Post
                        I actually like it :S
                        Immature humor is my thing.
                        It not exactly immature humor but more idiosyncratic humor.


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                          'immature humor'? 'idiosyncratic humor'?

                          meh, I just call them puns.
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                          - Pablo Neruda


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                            Yes. idiosyncratic humor. Because most of the humor situations are hardly normal humor but rather strange and eye twitching. (like the video above, i couldnt find the humor at all. or maybe the overuse of exaggeration is the funny thing)
                            The 2channers also spoke of the manga being idiosyncratic too.


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                              I only like the OST here though I'm not really that excited / amused by the storyline / characters. Other than that, good review.

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