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[Review] Katanagatari 刀語

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  • [Review] Katanagatari 刀語

    Year: 2010
    Episodes: 12
    Genre: Action, Drama, Fantasy, Drama
    Studio: White Fox
    Author: Nisio Isin
    Music: Taku Iwasaki

    The story takes place in the Edo era of Japan, a time not so long after a war, and where samurais and ninjas roam about.
    As the story begins, the viewer is introduced to a long white haired female samurai general, Togame. With her great ambition
    to become the shogunate and rule the country, she had decided to impress the current shogunate by collecting the 12 legendary
    katanas that each held unique powers, forged by a historically reknowned blacksmith, Shikizaki Kiki. She at first hired ninjas
    as her force to gather the katana, but she was immediately betrayed, realizing that the legendary katana's price will can not be
    satisfied with the money used to hire them. Then, she hired a samurai, who works for his honor rather than money to claim the katana.
    He has claimed the katana, but decided to keep it to himself for the honor of holding the legendary blade was far greater than being
    the samurai of a samurai general. Togame, being betrayed by those hired by money and honor came to realize that there is one thing
    that can not be betrayed, love. Togame travels to the deserted island of Fushou, where the infamous family of the strongest sword style,
    Kyotoryu was exiled in. She encounters the seventh head of the kyotoryu family, Yasuri Shichka, whom she gave permission to fall for her.
    The two then travels throughout Japan, collecting the swords from the greatest of fighters, swordsman, and ninjas to someday fulfill
    Togame's ambition.

    Kyotoryu is a sword style in which doesn't require a sword at all. The artists use their bodies and strength to cut as strong as any blade.
    Raised in the deserted island, learning only the fighting style of kyotoryu, Shichika always thinks himself as a katana. He doesn't hesitate
    to kill no matter woman or child if it is ordered by her master Togame. At the beginning, Shichika basically has no personality whatsoever.
    Togame takes this point as a great advantage, and uses him at her will. Which shows that she is a very self-centered person.
    Being 12 episodes, and 12 swords to collect, each episode focuses on one of Shikizaki Kiki's katana holders, getting to know each people
    that the main characters are fighting against. The show itself is about an hour long, and gives the audience enough time to get to know
    the unique charactesrs.

    For a show based around a Japanese era where the tradition was most alive, the music is pretty western as well as modern with pretty
    subtle rap in the background, which surprisingly works well with the action scene, as well as some humourous relief from time to time.

    Even from a slight glance, one can tell for sure that the art style is very unique, and is used in no other anime. The lines are pretty bold,
    and the colouring is done very delicately to express the Japanese beauty in objects. The artist very well expresses the seriousness of the
    situation by using pretty dark battle scenes, and colourful conversations scenes. During battles, there are strong text effects that shows
    what moves the characters are using with traditional kanji writings that adds to the excitement.


    The story is about katanas, and killing, but the show is very text heavy. Whether fighting or traveling, it is difficult to find a scene where
    a character doesn't talk. The story itself is pretty straightforward, the battle scenes are not too difficult to comprehend, the music isn't too
    ancient to lose attention, and each characters are unique and likable.
    If you have liked Nisio Isin's other work, "Bakemonogatari", or looking for a refreshing twist in your search for animie, this piece is highly recommendable.

    Characters: 70%
    Story: 80%
    Animation: 95%
    Sound: 85%
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    Great anime, especially the characters. It is hard to find one single character you would dislike.


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      great anime indeed, highly recommend to watch


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        It looks pretty weird. That is... A good thing! Thanks for the review.
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          really good, but when I reached a certain episode... I was unable to continue, maybe I've gone over it and it's about time I finish it...


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            A classic that should not miss if you call yourself otaku.


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              It is epic. What makes me scratch my head is that animal ninja team. You WON'T find them in the Japanese feudal history lessons. But screw it, they are cool!
              Must... Not... Play AG3! AAAAARGH!!


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                Oh, that's interesting, and by NisioisiN


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                  I felt like the tone of the series changed in the later episodes, the conclusion was not much better than ok i think


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                    you missed the entire point if you think "The story is about katanas, and killing". not quite a good review as i see. btw i see people doing review of good old series, no one dares with the new ones save a few good ones XD.

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                      i love the graphism of this anime!


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                        I like how unique the art of this anime is.