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    So I finally got to view the first episode of Super Sonico the animation. Not bad at all. Mostly character introduction. Opens with Sonico in bed and yes her body is amazing and, no she's not nude. However as the show progresses we discover the Sonico works part time as a model. Not too cartoonish and the animation is quite good. Overall on a scale form 1 to 10, (10 being best) I give it a solid 7 . Keep in mind that I have not seen any other episodes yet. I viewed it on YouTube and hope to see it on Netflix soon. Please let me know what your thoughts are on this and, if you know of a better place to see the other episodes please let me know as well.

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    I liked for what it is, though im surprised that considering the original content and its figurines, Sonico is portrayed in a very conservative manner and very little (if any) risque gravure shots.
    The music is okay with some great tracks like the concert from the last episode and i enjoyed the music and animation for the 9th ending.


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      I personally was highly disappointed in the series. I gave up on it. There was very little drama going on (well on the episodes that I saw that is). To be honest I did kinda wish they added some ecchi-ness. Sonico's manager just felt like a total cock blocker or more like a boner killer. I know they went for a slice of life style for the anime but unfortunately for me it did not go to the direction it would have kept me watching.

      For me Super Sonico is now my third worst anime I've ever seen. I know, I know, I know... I'm pretty sure people will ask the question; "How can you call it your third worst anime you've ever seen when you did not even finish it?"

      Well when I put the anime on my crunchyroll queue it was there for months even after the show ended. Every time I would watch an episode it felt like a chore because I personally hate to drop the series halfway even if its bad so I forced myself to watch the episode. When I was watching it, I kept getting angry and kept saying "This is stupid as FUCK!!!" So in the end I just had to drop it and give up on it. I really felt I should not have to sit by and force myself to watch such horrendous show. I'm sorry if I offend Super Sonico fans but know it was not my intention.

      In conclusion; Super Sonico could have added a little bit more drama or at least put some cliff hangers that would have made me want to watch the next episode. But when the episode ended I knew the next episode would be just as horrible as the one I saw. The episodes that I got to see were pretty much a different-story-line-per-episode-basis. I personally don't like these types of animes and tend to stay away from them.
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