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[Review] Phantom: Requiem for the Phantom

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  • [Review] Phantom: Requiem for the Phantom

    STORY [7/10]:
    Story mainly focuses on a Japanese tourist named Azuma Reiji. Who witnesses a murder and get himself kidnapped by the assassin and is brainwashed and trained as an assassin by the assassin herself. After his training, he is given the name Zwei, whereas his trainer is known as Ein.

    Long story short, he tries to get away from the organization with Ein but fails.

    I have given this a 7, because of dull side stories, sudden stops and strange pickup paces. Which makes you drop the series in the middle.

    CHARACTERS [8/10]:
    8, due to well focuses on the main and supporting characters. All of them were introduced nicely. The buildup of main characters was pretty impressive.

    ANIMATION [8/10]:
    Animation was really good. Openings and endings were impressively animated. And fight were carefully directed and animated. One thing though, in the very first episode they show you the boobs and BAM. You think WTF. But in the upcoming episodes the show nothing not even nipples.

    SOUND [7/10]:
    The sound was pretty good. OPs and EDs had good music, but in the later OPs and EDs there were time skips which made me not to watch the OPs and EDs .

    FINAL VERDICT [7.5/10]:
    In the end, I'll say that I was pretty much into the characters and the story, but it was always ruined some dull side story or a sudden fast forward. Ignoring all this nonsense. It's really good, you get hooked onto the beautiful development of the characters and the story.
    There were even times, I shouted at my beautiful laptop that WHY ARE YOU GUYS RUINING THE SHOW???

    Lastly, it's not a great show nor a bad one. It's just a decent show.

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    Well you could have told us a little more. I've seen the anime and I loved it. There's a lot more depth going on in the story line.

    Try to go more into depth next time and make it your goal to make curious people watch it if they haven't before. Or if you want to make someone avoid it at all costs give better reasons.

    Personally when I saw it, I enjoyed it so much on how two people were trapped into doing stuff they did not want to but yet were forced to live a new lifestyle on taking other peoples lives. When the protagonist found out his true identity and was able to retain his lost memories he tried to find an opportunity to run away but of course he also wanted to take Ein with him because he could not just abandoned her and he knew she was unhappy living like that. Eventually their first attempt failed but caused them to be separated. Eventually the protagonist befriended a little girl that became homeless after the person that was taking care of her was killed. Around that time they spend together, Reiji was able to relax and actually care for her. He wanted her to be an assassin just like him but had serious second thoughts about it and even told her that his life was fucked up and he did not want her to go through it as well. He then got separated it from her and he thought she was dead because of the apartment got blown up by other men attempting to kill Reiji. Reiji thought she was dead and left, little did he know that she was alive because she was not in the apartment at the time when it got blown up. When she returned she found the apartment on fire and knew Reiji he left her when he was so important to her. Reiji eventually reunited with Ein and Reiji was able to convince her to run away with him since the whole organization they were working for was in full shit storm and falling apart. They ran away to Japan, Reiji's home country, they started to go school and tried to have new lives but they knew they could not run away from the past forever. Eventually the organization caught on to them and to Reiji's surprise the same girl he thought was dead is now working for the organization as their new assassin; Drei who is now brainwashed with bad intent and wanting to kill Reiji for abandoning her. Towards the end Reiji does end up killing in Drei in a huge battle when Reiji and Ein are fighting for their freedom. The ending was somewhat satisfactory but yet a kicked to the groin kinda ending. Over all I enjoyed the anime series, yes it did had its boring moments but in the end it felt like a rewarding story line.
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