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Yamishibai: Japanese Ghost Stories

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  • Yamishibai: Japanese Ghost Stories

    Yamishibai: Japanese Ghost Stories

    Concept: Yamishibai, also known in Japan as Yami Shibai(闇芝居), is a short-form television show that is akin to animated Japanese folklore with heavy overtones of horror/paranormal/suspense. The episodes are very short, about 5 minutes each, which is great if you like to "binge-watch." The length also makes the episodes very easy to digest. Most episodes deliver a sort of "message" or moral as often seen in many forms of folklore around the world. Almost like urban legends.

    Plot: There is no over-arcing story or plot to the entire series aside from the tendency for episodes to carry some sort of overlying ethical statement or lessons. Though the individual plots for each episode were really hit-or-miss in terms of entertainment value and general creep-factor, but they were generally well executed enough to keep me interested.

    Art style: I love the way the artists chose to animate this series. The overall quality of the animation is solid, but it is done in the form of Kamishibai (紙芝居) which literally means "paper drama", a form of storytelling that originated in Japanese Buddhist temples, where monks used emakimono (picture scrolls) to convey stories with moral lessons. With this anime you're not usually going to see someone fully animated in the show. It may sound lazy or dumb, but I think it works very well with the atmosphere of the show.

    Overall, this isn't a series to get into if you're looking for your traditional style anime. However, if you like creepy/horror themes, Japanese folklore, or short-episode series... this is definitely one to check out -- especially if you're interested in alternative animation styles. Although I did like it, because the episodes are so condensed it doesn't really end up leaving much of an impact on you.

    Final verdict: 6.5/10

    Until next time...

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    I'm really into that kind of supernatural or folkloric themes, so I may take a look in this one soon.