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Mecha Anime of the Week: Hades Project Zeorymer

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  • Mecha Anime of the Week: Hades Project Zeorymer

    Even the covers made for it in the 2000s are damn rad.

    Most people know that know about it do so because of the following:

    1) Super Robot Wars' portrayal of it as one of "teh most powarfull robutts ever!!!!!"
    2) People at ANN call it "one of worst animes ever made"
    3) it was an adaptation of a hentai manga that had OMG RAPE!! (shocking, huh?)

    Regardless, however, Hades Project Zeorymer comes from the golden age for the OVA format, when there were tons of these titles out there made by prominent figures that pretty much define the industry as we know it nowadays. Typical of a title from that era, it sported one of the best looks, coolest styles and a rad sound design that gets you pumped no matter what. In addition, it plays with the typical super robot formula in a very twisted manner, which has even led to a few Evangelion fans to call it an Eva rip-off (even though this came out only a few years before Eva, but hey, Anno was probably already writing Eva, so they cheated!).

    You'll get liver failure if you ever try doing a drinking game every time anyone says "ZEORAIMAH" in this series.

    So why is this so obscure outside of teh mecha fandom? Well, simply put, it was partly the format at which it was released, the fact that it is an adaptation from a hentai manga, and that the execution is messy/shoddy and leaves an unsatisfying feel at the end.

    Another reason is that this was the closest Miku ever got to get raped in the OVA.

    Personally, however, Zeorymer is a (mostly) solid OVA that has exceptional qualities that allow it to be enjoyed both repeatedly and has some really interesting elements under its stylish, sexy surface; from the psychological aspects regarding the villains and the main character, to the setting, to the idea of the story in general (which is also sadly some of its weakest elements). Add the delicious style of animation in which it is presented (courtesy of good old AIC, which pretty much owned the 80s and 90s), the beautiful character designs (brought by the master Michitaka Kikuchi, a.k.a. Kia Asamiya, who you may know from Nadesico and Silent Moebius), and most importantly (for better or worse), Toshihiro/Toshiki Hirano, a profilic animator, character designer, a legend that has worked in so many damn titles, he's directed some of the best (Iczer saga, Dangaioh, Angel Heart, Rayearth, Vampire Princess Miyu) and some of the absolute worst (Great Dangaioh, Apocalypse Zero).
    And there must not be any omission of the second most important figure in this title, which is Moriki Yasuhiro, responsible of the delicious title mech, Zeorymer of the Heavens, as well as the rest of the machines.

    Of all the titles I could cover in this first post, I decided to do Zeorymer since most people snub it off thanks to the (in my personal opinion at least) ill-deserved bad reputation that it has been given during the years recently after it became more notable thanks to its appearance in Super Robot Wars. And while it indeed has many flaws that do not allow it to be on the leagues of much better titles of the same format, it is still a solid title that is worth watching, at least if you're interested or enthusiastic of anime of that era. Similarly, if you're an enthusiast or knowledgeable on Japanese anime and live-action shows of the era and before, you'll be able to appreciate it as well (similarly to how Evangelion was basically a psychologically-fueled love letter to the mecha genre).

    If this was released today, you can bet we'd have a lot of people bitching about how this is now suddenly a Nippon ultranationalist anime that is nothing but America-shaming propaganda or something.

    Miku is best girl....

    ...especially when she's in mindless drone mode available for anything for you. ANYTHING.

    So for this week, we had Zeorymer covered here in HongFire. Have you seen it? Do you like it too? Do you hate it? Have you only played with it in SRW? Share your thoughts.